SCO chief testifies: 'Linux is a copy of Unix'

SCO chief testifies: 'Linux is a copy of Unix'

Summary: Open-source fans have dismissed Darl McBride's court comments in the lawsuit brought against SCO by Novell

Troubled software maker SCO's chief executive has claimed the Linux operating system includes Unix source code, during a court case in which Novell is suing SCO for royalties on Unix.

In the hearing, which concludes on Friday, SCO chief executive Darl McBride made claims--including that "Linux is a copy of Unix"--which are directly contradicted by the open-source community and apparently run counter to other SCO testimony, according to trial watchers, including Ars Technica.

SCO sued IBM in 2003, claiming that the IT giant had used copyright code from the Unix operating system which SCO sold, and later extended this suit to other Linux vendors. However, last August, Judge Dale Kimball ruled that Novell, not SCO, owns Unix. A four-day court case is now determining Novell's claim for up to $20 million in royalties from SCO, which declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year.

This court case could be the end of the line for SCO, though some online commentators have suggested the company will find yet another legal avenue of appeal. More interestingly, some observers have predicted that victory for Novell would open the door for it to sue other vendors, including Sun: "I am still going through the Novell financial filings but they could have a claim to a lot more than the value of the SCOsource licenses from Sun alone," said one commentator on Groklaw.

SCOsource is a SCO business division that manages its intellectual property around the Unix operating system.

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  • ...

    They aren't dead yet? ]:)
    Linux User 147560
    • Yes,

      actually, they are - but the corpse is still twitching.
  • there a few people that are out of reality

    mac bride is one ballmer is also a other one keep spinning idiot spinning ....
  • The sad thing is...

    ...I strongly suspect that he really believes it.
    John L. Ries
    • Cartoon

      Free Software Magazine have a cartoon on this subject...
    • He does!

      Oh, he does believe it with every fiber of his being!
  • Words right outta my mouth....

    ... well, I guess that would be "Letters right out of my fingers", but you get the idea.

    SCO is like a bad case of herpes. Nobody wants anything to do with them, but they just won't go away.
    Hallowed are the Ori
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  • RE: SCO chief testifies: 'Linux is a copy of Unix'

    Now THAT'S news.

    What I don't understand is how they continue to get funding
    for this crap. There must be a lot of VC groups out there
    looking to guarantee losses - "Hey Bill, we made far too
    much on that last venture. Quick how can we dump a few
    • Message has been deleted.

    • What, never heard of a tax loss?

      Sony have set up entire subsidiary record companies as tax losses. Really, SCO must be a gift for some groups.
    • Bet that's news to Linus Pauling

      • Hmmmmmm

        Linus Pauling was a two time Noel prize winner. He was a world renowned chemist whose discoveries lead to many modern advances in chemistry and biochemistry. One of his studies in modeling protein structures was used by the team which documented the DNA helix.

        LINUS TORVALDS is given credit for inititating the development of Linux...
  • RE: SCO chief testifies: 'Linux is a copy of Unix'

    Which Unix do they own? Sys V, BSD, what? Didn't AT&T develop Unix and donate it originally? Will Novell try to own all of Linux/BSD? If they do, how will that affect Apple? How about large corporate end users? What is their exposure? This may be a long and bumpy ride!