Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

Summary: Scattered reports say the world's most widely used e-mail service was suffering from scattered outages on Monday morning.

Yahoo Mail users reported problems Monday morning, with the service inaccessible for some and spotty for others.

TechCrunch noticed a Twitter spike in reports of problems with Yahoo Mail, and another company called Downrightnow also reported problems accessing the service over the last several hours. Several CNET employees reported that they could access their in-boxes, but mine is unavailable. Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo's home page appeared to be working fine.

Please let us know if you're having trouble in the comments below, and we'll update this post with more information as we go.

Yahoo Mail is the most widely used Web e-mail service in the world by a wide margin, with over 100 million unique users in July, according to ComScore. Gmail, Google's Web e-mail service, is growing fast as the third most-popular e-mail service behind Microsoft's Hotmail but has suffered a few high-profile outages this year.

For more, read Yahoo Mail outages plague some users from CNET News.

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  • yahoo mail

    I can't get to my email account. There are problems. It keeps telling me the link is broken. What can i do?
  • Have had no problems

    And I know that Yahoo will not be saving my emails for 18 months and use the contact to market to me like gmail does.
  • RE: Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

    I have had plenty of problems this evening. Can't get mail, but everything else yahoo seems okay. Keep getting multi-hop cyle error and "address not found". I hope they get all this resolved soon.
  • RE: Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

    I couldn't access my email at all for 15-20 minutes yesterday morning, then when I could get in, no messages would load. Since then, the top of the window keeps saying I have one new message, but in the side bar next to 'inbox' it says I don't have any new messages. I scrolled through my entire inbox and there is no new message. At least I can get into my email today...
  • RE: Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

    Hotmail!!! I cannot acess hotmail in South korea. I have been trying to access from 9:00(New York time) today here in Korea but failed to catch the site. I put in the address bar, the screen says the explorer cannot find the requested site. As of 12: 46, it is still inaccessible from south Korea. I hope this problem will be fixed soon. If anybody knows any contact at, pls let them know.
  • Why the hell do people still use Yahoo mail? Really?

    You know, Yahoo used to be such a great community resource until it became an over-commercialized internet billboard for absolutely anything and everything under the sun, including all manner of adware cleverly hidden in irrelevant ad banners.

    Google's Gmail service has performed leaps and bounds ahead of everybody else, having an enormous 7GB+ inbox capacity and seldom suffering downtime.

    Gee, I don't know, it just makes more sense to me to use an open-source email service that doesn't pester the living hell out of me every two seconds with a new flashing, screaming ad banner about miracle weight loss supplements or car insurance.
    • Well said!

      Well said! Thanks!
    • well

      easy answer to that. access, and add to that user-friendly. i have not dealt with any of those so-called banners you refer to, maybe it's just you who falls for those ads.
  • RE: Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

  • RE: Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

    I can receive but not send or forward I get a "something unexpectedly happened contact tech support" which I did. I used the print screen paint etc directions but could not send the info to you.
  • RE: Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

    For the past week, I have been having problems reading my yahoomail. I can get in but cannot read my mail.

    It is very frustrating.
  • RE: Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

    I can not access my two yahoo email accounts and the yahoo help tells me that 'those ID's have not been taken'?? This is Thursday am in Australia 29/10/09
    • same here

      I am also getting - 'those ID's have not been taken'?? ...and it is also thurs morning here....australia.

      they are prompting me to CREATE A SIGNATURE KEY...which i suspect is a phishing website. i think the yahoo7 site has been hijacked.
  • RE: Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

    I'm from Melbourne Australia too (Thurs 29th Oct) and having exactly the same problem too. I can't log in either, everything was working fine yesterday.
  • RE: Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

    Yep Can't log in here in Auckland vai work LAN(unless my id has been nicked). Started about Midday New Zealand time. Have not had problems access wise ever before really. Im praying it is a Network issue?
  • RE: Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

    I cant access today beyond the login. Also in
    outlook it says after lengthy delays that messages are being
    received but they don't appear.
  • Yahoo: Losing its drive.

    I have used yahoo mail for quite some time now. But I have noticed since the controversy concerning the yahoo merger some months ago, that the quality of service has declined considerably. Sending emails is like pulling teeth...painful! I mean I have to sit and wait to see if the mail was sent or receive the message that yahoo is experiencing some problems sending the mail. A simple task that used to take microseconds to complete. Hmmm am I the only one thinking that perhaps this is a sort of cyber harassment since yahoo decided to sail solo without google???!! I have had to detour to google to search topics that I used to access via yahoo. There is a sever "drag" on the system. Slower than molasses, if you ask me!!! I am seriously thinking on trying another trouble-free carrier...ideas anyone???!!!
    • Try This

      Try this:
  • RE: Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

    I am having problems sometimes i can't even get to the sign in page. Other times I can't sign in when I do get there and other times i get to the email and cant open individual emails. My wife said she has been having these problems for a few days now. Also my wife and I both prefer the classic yahoo but it when it does partially work, it goes to the new way.
  • RE: Yahoo Mail outages plague some users

    Take a look at this: