Next Debian Linux release imminent

Next Debian Linux release imminent

Summary: Developers of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution are frantically squashing software bugs in an effort to get version 3.1 out by the scheduled 6 June release date.

Developers of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution are frantically squashing software bugs in an effort to get version 3.1 out by the scheduled 6 June release date.

In an e-mail update to developers, project release team spokesperson, Andreas Barth said as at 27 May around 50 bugs remained to be fixed prior to the planned launch date. While 10 of those related to Linux kernel patches, the rest "also needed to be addressed in short order" by removals or fixes, Barth said.

The Debian project has not released a major upgrade of its operating system since July 2002, with subsequent improvements such as bug fixes distributed incrementally. The length of that interval has generated intense debate between developers, some of whom want more the software updated more frequently.

The topic became a focal point of the project's recent leadership elections, with eventual winner Branden Robinson in the camp of those supporting radical changes to the project to speed up the release cycle.

Martin Schulze -- another Debian developer -- outlined in another recent e-mail update the future of the current 3.0 series of the Debian distribution. That series would receive one more security update, said Schulze, timed just before the 3.1 release in early June.

The Debian project would, according to Schulze, provide security support to version 3.0 until around June 2006.

The pending release -- codenamed 'Sarge' -- will contain upgraded versions of many key open source software packages as well as a completely re-worked installation routine. It is expected to be based on the Linux 2.6.8 kernel.

Sarge will compete with Linux distributions from vendors Novell, Red Hat and Mandriva, who have updated their own offerings multiple times over the last three years.

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  • 10 bugs in the kernel, you would think Linus could write better code and have those bugs fixed much faster...We all know it is HIS code don't we
  • Etch

    The next testing version will be called "etch".
    Debian releases are named after the characters in the movie Toy Story.
  • You forgot the very important word "Stable" in your title. Debian sarge has been available for quite some time in development versions.

    Stable releases are just mature development versions with security support; .

    Sarge is available, and will be released, with both 2.4 and 2.6 kernel options both for the installer, and for the installed system itself.

    The install manual is here:

    The debian-installer is here:

    posted from Firefox 1.04, Debian Sarge
  • In reply to what John says:
    10 bugs for more than 150 MB of code is almost nothing. I'm sure it have much more than this.
    But this isn't Linus code its *our* code. If you can do it better just go ahead and correct the 10 bugs. I can bet you don't know even 1% of the knowledge to do it.
  • positive there are more than 10 bugs is even worse, so you are telling me you have not done due diligence in writing, testing and having peer reviews of your code, shame dude shame that is just poor.

    Sorry I am not a geek, and do not want to write code, I am a business professional who deplyos and builds systems to solve real world problems. Interestingly you are proud of having flaws, but that doesn't fill me with enough pride knowing your offering is flawed before it is out the door.
  • Sorry, John, but you gave yourself away this time. A true Business Professional would have just shipped Debian 2 years ago, bugs and all. Any complaints would have been dealt with by saying one of the following:

    a) That will be fixed in the next update
    b) That's not a bug, that's a design decision
    c) You just need to reinstall
    d) Would you like to make that an enhancement request?
    e) Incorrect configurations are the customer's responsibility
    f) Would you like a quote for fixing your problem?