Next flagship Lumia is on its way: Invites sent out for 14 May unveiling

Next flagship Lumia is on its way: Invites sent out for 14 May unveiling

Summary: The next Nokia Lumia handset is set to be revealed in London next month, bringing a new option to the market for Windows Phone fans.


The next addition to Nokia's Lumia line is to be unveiled in a matter of weeks.

Invites to the launch event of the as-yet unknown Windows Phone 8-based device were sent out on Friday for an event on 14 May.

Image: Nokia

The event will take place in London and, while the invite gave no hints of which handset is on the way, it did confirm the event would reveal "the next chapter of the Lumia story".

Several rumours of new devices from Nokia have surfaced in recent weeks, including an aluminium version of the Lumia 920, apparently called the Nokia Catwalk or Lumia 928. Another rumoured device is the Nokia EOS, also known as the Lumia 1000, which is said to include the 41-megapixel sensor found on Nokia's 808 PureView.

While both these rumours sound somewhat dicey, the event is a global gathering, suggesting that the company will be unveiling a flagship device rather than something in the low-to-mid range. During Nokia's recent first-quarter earnings call, CEO Stephen Elop promised a "hero" Lumia handset would surface during the current quarter.

Whatever Nokia has in store, ZDNet will be on hand at the event to bring you all the news and hands-on action. 

Nokia's current flagship device — the Lumia 920 — wasfirst shown off to the world in New York in September 2012.

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  • Whatever flagship device it is...

    ...Nokia, please make sure it is available on Verizon Wireless in the U.S.
    • Yes, Verizon Wireless

      I won't even contemplate going to AT&T, so if this phone is GSM only, then it's a non-starter.
    • I dumped V for att

      no complaints, glad I did.

      I can see keeping my 920 for 3-4 years, unheard of with phones.

      Maybe for a Note II style Lumia running RT with LTE and no cell phone service, and a Skype number for calls.
      • I will probably jump ship from Verizon

        For whichever carrier offers a phablet sized Nokia Lumia. Both my girlfriend and I have been waiting for the right oppportunity to switch from Iphones to Lumias. She would be happy with the 928 that is reportedly coming out soon on Verizon but I have been holding my breath for a larger screen so I don't want her to lock in with Verizon until I see who will carry the larger devices
        Burger Meister
    • But with a fix for the random lock-up problem.

      Some of the Lumia Windows 8 phones suffer from a random lock-up problem where the phone freezes and has to be rebooted to get it working again. It is the reason I canceled my 822 and sent it back to Verizon.

      According to this thread:
      (Bottom of page)
      There may be a fix out this summer. Until then steer clear of Lumia Windows Phones.
      • Nokia Care USA on twitter

        they fix things promptly(new firmware within a week for an issue I tweeted), idk about the 822, I wouldn't buy an 822 anyway with the 920 being 2 for $99 and with a free wireless chargers on att.
  • Oh no, not another Swiss Army knife

    Dear Nokia - please don't get into a features arms race with Samsung, and leave the digital jewellery to Apple. Focus on what you do best - mid range affordable kit that complements WP8's pared down UI. Lumia 620 is damn near perfect. Now if you decide to make a 7" version of that, millions will buy it.
  • Who cares...

    Its MS yet again.
    • That's right - who cares

      Yet you comment on everything MS related, so it's blatently obvious you care.

      I can't help that it bothers you that you own a second rate phone, maybe it's time to trade up to Windows 8.
      William Farrel
    • Do You Know This for Fact?

      It's common knowledge that Nokia has been playing with Android for some time now. It's also common knowledge that WP8 has failed miserably in the market place. It would be funny as hell if the "8" designator in 928 meant Android!
      • You know...

        ...that you are delusional, right?
        Could you please mention some references for these "facts" too? Nokia has never "played" with Android. And Windows Phone (read "Lumia line") has been growing steadily.

        People declaring stuff "common knowledge" doesn't give that stuff credit.
        Ehsan Irani
      • Your reading comprehension is missing in action, because,

        you failed to notice, or didn't understand this line from the article above:

        "Invites to the launch event of the as-yet unknown Windows Phone 8-based device were sent out on Friday for an event on 14 May."

        Notice that part that says: "Windows Phone 8-based device"? That should make it very clear to anyone that understand the written English language that, Nokia is not talking about any Android-based Lumia.

        Besides, becoming just another Android device in the list of many, would not do anything for Nokia. There are already too many Android device makers; one more would just get lost in the crowd.
  • WhatsApp ?

    Might be a Nokia Lumia with a 'WhatsApp' button, like the new Asha 210 :-)

    Seriously, as a premium range topper, it needs to Entry Level @ 64Gb, and have a SD card slot.
  • Please not ATTonly

    Show T-Mobile some love too
  • Viva New Lumia!

    Hip, hip, Hurrah for new Lumia! I was waiting for this-I want a MS-Nokia phone with Office 2013 compatibility, Win 8 functions. I'm on my 4th BlkBrry & not impressed in new OS10. Apple Boy, just enjoy your digit fruit quietly and let total MS fans like me buy what we want in peace-you insult us with worthless negative comments and show personal lack of educated fairness because of jealousy about MS decades of success of giving satisfied clients meaningful, useful and productive products with tools that let small biz guys like me compete with the big guys and win against them - sorry, Charlie don't whine if we buy the best - JW MX DF
  • I wonder

    It would be nice to see Nokia make the 928 a 4.7in screen, with microSD support. 32 GB is nice, but would be nicer, if I didn't have to bog it down with multimedia content. If they plan on giving wireless chargers, I hope they work better than the current ones. I want to be able to place my phone on the charger and not have to worry about getting that fast blinking light, indicating a problem. Nothing worse than going to sleep and then wake up with your phone dead, because it didn't charge properly.

    Could this be the first quad-core WP8 device or will that be later this year?
    • I don't believe that

      current WP8 supports quad core or 1080p at the moment. That will be out later this year. I believe the plan is to have those available for the holiday season.
      My Lumia 920 is pretty dang fast as it is, so I am not really jealous when my buddy jams his LG Optimus G in my face.