NextDC's Melbourne M1 datacentre: photos

NextDC's Melbourne M1 datacentre: photos

Summary: NextDC opened the doors to its shiny new datacentre in Melbourne this week with the help of Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.

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  • (Credit: NextDC)

    ​Computer-room air conditioners in one of M1's service corridors.

    The facility is 17,500 square metres, delivering a 12MW ICT load. The facility has six data halls within a large concrete bunker. The datacentre boasts bullet-proof security, and dual- and triple-factor encrypted challenge and authentication systems.

  • (Credit: NextDC)

    ​Hot aisle rack containment in Data Hall 2.

    Slattery said that M1 is the largest independent datacentre in Melbourne, and one of the largest in Australia. He said that it is also one of the most energy-efficent datacentres, boasting a target power-useage efficiency of 1.35.

  • (Credit: NextDC)

    ​Slattery showed off under-floor cabling in Data Hall 2.

    NextDC has invested AU$80 million in the M1 datacentre to date, including AU$1.2 million in a 400kW solar array that, when installed, will be fitted to the roof of the datacentre to offset carbon emissions.

Topic: Data Centers


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