Nexus 4 back on sale - but sold out in Spain, France, while UK, Australia wait

Nexus 4 back on sale - but sold out in Spain, France, while UK, Australia wait

Summary: There's no let-up in buyers' enthusiasm for the Nexus 4 - within days of the device going back on sale, the smartphone is selling out once again.


The Nexus 4 smartphone went back on sale in some markets yesterday — but it appears many customers who missed out on the device at last year's launch may miss out again.

The value-for-money 3G smartphone from LG went on sale last November, but sold out in the UK within hours and followed a similar pattern in the US and elsewhere.

The 8GB and 16GB models returned yesterday on Google Play in the US, Canada and Germany, shortly followed by the UK, France, Spain and Australia. A 16GB version is also slated for release from "all stores" at large Australian retailer Harvey Norman on February 1 on either as part of a mobile package or outright for $469.

It appears Google may have estimated demand for the smartphone better in some markets better than others this time around.

The Nexus 4 has already sold out in France and Spain, with both the 8GB and 16GB versions showing as "temporarily unavailable", while in Australia the two models will "ship soon", according to the local Google Play site.

The UK store is also showing both version as "ships soon", with the device scheduled to ship from one to two weeks after it becomes available (Google doesn't say when that might be, however). The 8GB Nexus 4, which runs Android Jelly Bean 4.2, costs £240 and the 16GB model costs £280 in the UK.

Shifting more Nexus 4s can't hurt LG's plans to smartphone plans to grow its smartphone revenues. During its Q4 earnings (PDF) yesterday, LG credited a 15 percent quarter-on-quarter rise in smartphone sales to $2.58bn in part to the Nexus 4, as well as its LTE Vu:2 and Optimus G, which is arriving in 50 new markets this year.  

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  • Try 2 days ago!

    I ordered my 16 Gig and it is out for delivery today. Cannot wait to get rid of this Samdung! They make the worst products.
    • And the best selling

      We know from the isheep that if it sells the most it's the best out there.
      Little Old Man
  • On the way!

    I'm in the US. Ordered my 16 gig yesterday evening and got the shipping notification this AM, tracking number and all. I was worried by the horror stories from earlier customers stuck in the "shipping soon" loop forever. Seems they truly are available here, at least for the moment.
    Nathan Christensen
  • of course they sell out again

    at this point, everyone is buying a few so they can sell at a big markup on ebay and the cycle continues.
  • I got one... and the delay for me was 7 weeks from order to reception

    I live in the uk and was able to order one early December. in the original email I had been told the delay was 4 to 5 weeks. after 6.5 weeks without any news, I called and was told it had just been shipped out to me. I eventually got it one week after.
  • 16gb on the way in 2days in WA

    I live in WA and was able to order today online 16gb and it will ship in 2days. According to shipment & order Id. lets see., I cross my finger and we should able to get sooner here in US than any country...,
  • Received my 16GB in less than a day!

    Ordered 16GB yesterday around noon and surprisingly received it today at 9:30am.