Nexus 7 sees "incredible demand", sells out at major retailers

Nexus 7 sees "incredible demand", sells out at major retailers

Summary: The Nexus 7 has already sold out at retailers such as GameStop, Staples, and Costco. Here's how you can get one.


Introduced 3 weeks ago at Google I/O 2012, the Nexus 7 with Android JellyBean has proven to be a runaway hit. It has already sold out at brick-and-mortar stores such as Costco, GameStop, Sam's Club, Office Depot, and Staples, and is unavailable at online stores such as B&H. The 16GB model is especially hard to find. Here's a run-down:

GameStop says the 16GB Nexus 7 is "Backordered". A spokesperson told Reuters, "We blew through the first two allotments," and indicated a third allotment of preorders will be available in August.

Online store B&H is taking orders but notes: "This is a new item being released in limited quantity, We are accepting orders and they will be filled in the order they are received."

Office Depot lists the 8GB version as "Coming soon" and the 16GB version as "Temporarily out of stock, check back soon".

Staples only sells the 16GB version and their web site says "Available in-store only". However a check of local stores shows it was not actually avaialble at stores near me.

Kmart carries the 16GB model but lists it as "Out of stock" online and "Unavailable" at local stores.

MobileCity is taking pre-orders for the 16GB tablet but the expected arrival date is shown as "No ETA at this time".

Sam's Club is not even taking orders. Their web site says "This item is out of stock for delivery".

In the UK, Currys PC World Stores are telling customers "they have sold out now pretty much everywhere".

So where can you get a Nexus 7 now?

8GB model: Google is selling the 8GB tablet in their Play Store, and as I write this it says "In stock; Delivered in 3-5 business days".  In a shipping status FAQ, Google writes: "We’ve had incredible demand for our new Nexus 7 tablet and are shipping them as quickly as possible. When your device ships you will receive a notification from Google Play with a shipping tracking number."

16GB model: For the higher capacity model, Google's store says "Ships in 1-2 weeks". The only way to get one earlier is on Ebay. Recently completed listings show the 16GB model going for a 20-30% premium over list price.

Have you had any luck getting a Nexus 7? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Nexus 7

    I got mine yesterday! But like the reports are coming out I had a problem. I scored one of the last few left at Future Shop here in Montreal, got home, booted it up to find a nice vertical line right down the middle. It looked almost like a burn-in mark, it was all colored and really noticeable. So back to the store, no hassle returned it but they were sold out by then. Long story short I got another one at another location and it works perfectly. Bit of a hassle but was definetely worth it in the end. Great device, fast, smooth and feels very solid for the price. I have a Nexus S with ICS so it's the perfect companion to go with it!
  • Quick Apple fanbois, spin this

    "Well, I heard from my grandmother's gardener that each store only got 1-2 units so Apple wins."

    "What's Google's marketcap? Less than Apple's? Exactly. So therefore the Nexus sucks."

    "Apple is still selling iPads so the Nexus isn't an iPad killer so therefore the Nexus sucks."

    "I currently have over 1 million tablet apps installed on my iPad. Since the Google app store doesn't even have 1 million tablet apps in it, the Nexus sucks."

    "Google makes their money from advertising so therefore the Nexus sucks."

    And then of course there is DRESSS who will write some incomprehensible babble about screen layers being glued together and vector GPU graphics with floating point arithmetic that only uber geeks care about. So therefore the Nexus sucks.

    That about cover it? Can we now congratulate Google on what is clearly a very successful and desirable product?
    • TheBottom alread spins it

      No sales data reported, yet he/she already poses as if it was a blockbuster sales. ;)))
      • Awww, I was hoping for something better from you

        Your answer can be categorized as:
        "Well, I heard from my grandmother's gardener that each store only got 1-2 units so Apple wins."

        Why do you Apple fanbois hate everyone but Apple so much? I don't understand it. I'm not even interested in an Android tablet considering I'm currently locked in to the Apple ecosystem and I'm waiting for Surface but that doesn't mean that we can't congratulate Google on releasing a successful and desirable product.
        • Awww, I was hoping for something better from you

          Your answer can be categorized as:
          "Well, I hear from my grandmother's gardener that each store sold out so Google wins."

          Why do you Apple hatebois love everyone but Apple so much? I don't understand it. I'm not even interested in an Apple tablet considering I'm currently locked to no ecosystem and I'm not waiting for Surface or any other tablet but that doesn't mean that we can congratulate Google on releasing product that has no sales figures. Nokia's Lumnia was sold out in most of locations in Europe in Q1, but they old sold 2 million smartphones in that quarter.
          • Good, you came up with a new spin

            "but they old sold 2 million smartphones in that quarter."

            So to be a success, you have to outsell Apple?

            Okay, try this on for size:
            OS X is a failure because they only sold 10s of millions of licenses. Microsoft sells hundreds of millions of licenses for Windows.

            Hint: you don't have to beat Apple to be a success. In other words, your answer boils down to:
            "Apple is still selling iPads so the Nexus isn't an iPad killer so therefore the Nexus sucks."
          • You are arguing with your own points

            "So to be a success, you have to outsell Apple?"

            Never said that, ever.

            And I never said that Nexus 7 is not success. I said that there is no information that it is success.

            So your troll attempt fails.
          • There is very good information that it is a success

            You only have to peek around the RDF.

            "Nexus 7 sees "incredible demand", sells out at major retailers"

            Will this initial success carry forward? Don't know. But today, the Nexus 7 is a success, even if that makes your Apple handlers unhappy.
          • It is not information

            Without sales data, it is just PR slant. It is easy to get if you ship little quantities of devices. So there is no way to derive any useful information from those press releases.
          • You changed the subject

            You said there was no information, now you're saying there's no data. These statements are not the same thing. There may be no data on which to base a conclusive statement that the Nexus 7 is selling well, but there is plenty of information that suggests it is selling well. Here's one source of information that I think is not PR: on every tech forum, there are countless posts and comments saying, "I've got mine, have you got yours?" or "I'm still waiting for mine," or "My order got cancelled, store said they had too many orders," or something similar. I don't think I've ever seen such an intense flurry of comments of this type. I think it's indicative, and I also think it's extremely unlikely to be fake. There aren't any grounds for thinking the news of the Nexus selling out is PR. By saying it is PR, you betray your prejudice.
            Xenia Onatopp
          • Oh yawn...

            You boys are so predictable
        • M$-Hater

          Wye the f* a Micro$oft tablet!? Haters gonna hate...and i hope more humans remember, what this criminal FUD-patenttroll Micro$oft was and still is doing wrong...
    • Quick Apple fanbois, spin this

      You can always easily spot the "rookie" non-technical guys by their "apple" rants. When we started programming in this I.T. biz, Apple was for sissies. "How's Mind Sweeper?" LOL! I have no ill will for Apple, but if you're on the gung-ho bandwagon, you are simple minded ("I need an easy computer, cause my mom won't tech me how to work on a PC..."). Sissy. Bet you were always the last one picked on any sports team, too. Grow a pair already. Be a man, sissy. To YOU, TODDBOTTOM3. AKA: Hello Kitty Screen saver guy.
      Eric DeAnda
    • and there had to be a fly on the soup

      and there had to be a apple fan boy here get a life move to something bttr and apple the tells you what to dress what to eat and what you can use
    • Major sellout?

      So, exactly how many units were these stores allotted. 10, 50, 1000? They sold out, but does that necessarily make it a success if they sold 50 per store? Let's hear some real figures before doing a victory dance. Blockbuster sales? Puh-leeze! Give me a break. Any doofus knows that tablet components are hard to come buy for any large production runs of any Android tablets. First off, Google would be foolish to put millions of units into production considering most Android tablet's past sales performance.
      Steffen Jobbs
  • Got mine on Tuesday

    I pre-ordered the 16 gig within an hour of the tablet's announcement. at i/o.

    I'm not surprised by the demand, nearly every review glows with praise. At the price and specs, it's unbeatable by a wide margin.
  • wait not bad

    I ordered the 16 gig model on july 16th and received it on july 19th. So though it says 1-2 week wait. It was really only 3 days :-) don't be afraid to order it directly from google, 3 days is not 2 weeks.
  • Pre-ordered But No Nexus 7 Yet

    The Nexus 7 has a couple of sweet spots, the price and the specs, who would not want to try it. I can understand the incredible demand for the device. I only wished Google anticipated the large orders though.
    I was supposed to receive the N7 before July 19th, but I have not received a delivery confirmation yet. C'mon Google, get with the program.
    • it could not be help

      its hard to predict sence is a small screen tablet and sence the nexus did not sold so well they did not stock up so many but if things go well we coulde se a 11 inch nexus soon
    • Got mine in 4 days

      Ordered it on Google Play and it was in my hands 4 days later.