NHS will not receive £250m of IT upgrades

NHS will not receive £250m of IT upgrades

Summary: Health services minister Mike O'Brien has told parliament only £562m of a budgeted £800m will be spent on hardware and software upgrades for 2009/10

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The NHS is expected to miss out on almost £250m-worth of IT upgrades that were planned for 2009/10.

While the Department of Health had budgeted for £800m of capital spending by NHS IT body Connecting for Health (CfH) in the 2009/10 financial year, the latest forecasts estimate that only £562m of the money will be spent, health services minister Mike O'Brien revealed in a written answer to parliament this week.

Over the past five years CfH has spent £2bn less than budgeted on new hardware and software.

For more on this story, see NHS to miss out on £250m of tech upgrades on silicon.com.

Topic: Networking


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  • So that means

    So the disks keep spinning in the massive datacentres currently employed doing not a great deal for the NPfIT while the poor saps on the wards, trying their very hardest to look after their patients, will have to carry on making do with ancient machines held together with insulating tape .. mentioning no recent NHS experience in particular.

    This lot are just so hung up on their great grand gestures, they seem to forget that it is people lives and health they are chewing up in their grandstanding. WInd your necks in. Cancel the white elephants and let the folks on the front line have their jobs, professional dignity and funding back.
    Andrew Meredith