NICTA Techfest 09: Photos

NICTA Techfest 09: Photos

Summary: The publicly-funded research body National ICT Australia (NICTA) held its annual showcase of technology yesterday. On show was technology ranging from bionic eyes to a mathematically-proven operating system kernel.


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  • The headgear that demonstrates NICTA's bionic eye — the output of which can be seen on the screen on the top right corner. The output is a 32x32 grid with the intensity of each pixel giving depth, ie, closer is brighter.

    (Credit: Chris Duckett/

  • Here is a demonstration of Gi-Fi, or Gigabit Wireless. The golden triangle is sending a TV signal to the plate at the bottom of the photo, which is in turn appearing on the TV (as seen at the top). NICTA claims Gi-Fi can do in excess of three gigabits per second. Due to the high frequency of the signal produced, it is only intended to be used within a single room, and putting one's hand between the transmitter and receiver can interrupt the signal.

    (Credit: Chris Duckett/

  • An infrared camera is used for tasks one might not immediately suspect: such as detecting feral animals and being used in food safety. The IR camera is able to detect problems in vegetation before it is visible to the human eye.

    (Credit: Chris Duckett/

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