NICTA Techfest 09: Photos

NICTA Techfest 09: Photos

Summary: The publicly-funded research body National ICT Australia (NICTA) held its annual showcase of technology yesterday. On show was technology ranging from bionic eyes to a mathematically-proven operating system kernel.


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  • TiniWiki is available now for iPhones and takes more than 60GB of Wikipedia text (no image or video media) down to less than 6GB in total for offline use. When changes are made to Wikipedia, deltas of changes are sent to TiniWiki so that the information remains current.

    (Credit: Chris Duckett/

  • A screenshot of an seL4 microkernel instance; seL4 is 7500 lines of mathematically-proven C code. This removes one class of bugs and should make the kernel more secure. NICTA says that seL4 is impervious to buffer overflow attacks; however, mathematics cannot do away with human-injected design bugs.

    (Credit: Chris Duckett/

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