Nine symptoms for diagnosing ailing IT

Nine symptoms for diagnosing ailing IT

Summary: From tired hardware, to expired support contracts and creaking networks, the tell-tale signs that suggest urgent treatment may sound all too familiar

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    6. Network slowdowns
    How often do your end users complain of network slowdowns? Can your clients get quick access to your services or sites? If complaints are coming in faster than you can troubleshoot them, it might be time to reassess the backbone. The amount of data being transferred through your pipes isn't the same as it was five or 10 years ago. With so many more web-based tools in play, data usage has gone through the roof. Slow data means slow workers and a slowdown on profit. Share that idea with the board or the CEO and see how quickly they move on upgrading those data pipes.

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    7. Block on mobile devices
    If you are still stopping users from getting email on their smartphones, or not allowing wireless on the network, it's time to wake up to the new world order. Not only do you need to enable the use of these devices, you need to open Exchange to iOS and Android.

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    8. Poor staff retention
    Employees leave for many reasons, but when you learn they are citing poor IT and support, it's time for a rethink. Of course, end users should not dictate IT policies, but neither should policies be a contributing factor to high employee attrition.

Topic: Networking

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