Nokia and HTC sign agreement, all patent litigation dismissed

Nokia and HTC sign agreement, all patent litigation dismissed

Summary: Valentine's Day is next Friday and it looks like Nokia and HTC are setting the mood by reaching an agreement and dismissing all patent litigation.

Nokia and HTC sign agreement, all patent litigation dismissed
(Image: HTC)

Like most of you I get sick of seeing all these lawsuits between mobile companies. I am sure there are legitimate reasons for the lawsuits, but many seem to be spiteful. It was good to hear that Nokia and HTC signed a patent and technology agreement that dismisses all patent litigation between the two companies.

While the full terms of the agreement are confidential, the press release states that HTC will make payments to Nokia and the collaboration will involve HTC's LTE patent portfolio.

HTC recently had a small win in this ongoing battle when a German court dismissed a Nokia suit related to receiving calls while downloading OTA updates. Before this, Nokia had a couple of wins against HTC so it is good to see them finally coming to terms.

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  • This is great news. The more companies realize they can get farther ahead

    paying for others ip and getting paid for their own the quicker the state of the art advances.
    Johnny Vegas
    • What is “state of the art” ?

    • yeah, right...

      ... apple are full of innovation since they became the world's biggest patent troll, eh?
  • They settled because of impending probable injunction

    HTC settled because of litigation they were about to lose and from recent losses from what I read.Including a very possible ban in a few days. They were smart to agree and license Nokia IP.
  • dissgusting!

    a M$ lapdog extracts protection $$$ from an android friends.
    LlNUX Geek
    • Got banned?

      The second letter in your name indicates something like that.

      Was it for spamming?

      Seeing how this article has nothing to do with Microsoft...
    • Which MS lapdog?

      HTC has majored in Android for the last few years, their Windows devices are very much second string now...

      Or do you mean Nokia? They have nothing to do with Microsoft, now that they have sold them their mobile phone division.
  • thats not a resolution...

    ... that's propping up a broken system that's costing billions in legal fees and doing sfa for innovation...
  • Oh, Ms. Wang...

    "... They know I'd never sell".

    Your view of the business world is rather rose-tinted and naive...
  • Beautiful! I like this posting.

    I am very pleased with ZET. ZTE Grand is good starter Android phone for someone who is used to regular or feature.