Nokia, Avanade team up to offer devices, services to enterprises

Nokia, Avanade team up to offer devices, services to enterprises

Summary: Large enterprises will benefit from managed services and applications by combining Microsoft's software solutions and Nokia smartphones, says Avanade.


Nokia has penned a deal with business technology and managed services provider Avanade that will see the company create and deliver Nokia Lumia devices, along with supported applications and services to large enterprise customers.

Windows Phone 8. Credit: Microsoft

Accenture subsidiary Avanade, which was part founded by Microsoft in 2000, will help solidify the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend among large enterprises who use their smartphones for work and personal purposes. 

Avanade believes that smartphones and smart devices used in BYOD settings also require the creation and development of integrated services to combine the two. By using Microsoft's technology with Nokia's Lumia handsets, which run the latest Windows Phone 8 platform, it offers a tight ecosystem of apps and services that work seamlessly together. 

"Avanade and Nokia plan to deliver packaged offerings combining Avanade's application development and system integration services, Microsoft technology and Nokia's Lumia products and related services," the firm said in a press release today. 

In one example, Avanade and Nokia continue to help a large U.K. bank to replace its current mobile device platform and strategy with Windows Phone 8 devices, combined with Microsoft's Exchange email server and a new corporate enterprise hub that will allow employees to access corporate business applications and other content through Microsoft's collaboration service, SharePoint.

"Together with Accenture, Avanade and Nokia are also providing enterprise customers with Windows Phone and Microsoft infrastructure expertise to support the pilot adoption and testing of Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices through to production deployments," the firm said.

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  • I use L920 at work

    I use the Lumia 920 at work (BYOD)

    MSFT clearly left the plate half-cooked... Yeah, the Office features are there, but beyond skimming and minor edits, it offers little in the way of value-added benefits.

    For example, why isn't there a way to have PowerPoint on the phone natively interact with my computer? When I do a presentation I should be able to control the PPT from my phone, and better yet, see the notes on my phone's screen. Or on Excel, let's say I am working on my PC, why not have the phone do something that helps me work further... e.g. notifying me of errors in calculation, keeping track of where I copy-paste cells, etc? And maybe the Word on WP8 should be able to do what Word 2013 does, i.e. open, read and edit PDFs.

    Of course, don't get me wrong, Windows Phone 8 (and the L920 in particular) is still all the way up there in terms of being a great enterprise phone. I don't think anyone would lose out on going L920 over iOS, Android or BB.
    • sounds like an app opportunity...

      ...for some enterprising WP developer. ;)