Nokia brings Nokia Music to Lumia devices in the USA

Nokia brings Nokia Music to Lumia devices in the USA

Summary: Nokia Music is one of the unique services Nokia brings to Windows Phone and we now get to experience it in the USA.

Nokia brings Nokia Music to Lumia devices in the USA

One of the features that makes the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone devices unique is Nokia Music. However, those of us in the US have never been able to use this free streaming and offline caching music service, until now. Today, Nokia announced Nokia Music is coming to the US on the Lumia 900 and Lumia 710 devices. With this service on my Nokia Lumia 900, I now need to evaluate whether paying for the Zune Music Pass is worth it moving forward.

Nokia Music lets you stream from over 150 playlists. You can also create your own playlist from the millions of songs available. There are no ads or registration and the service is free on Nokia Lumia phones. You can download songs to listen to while offline as well. Nokia also includes their Gig Finder service that helps you find local concerts and shows.

I don't yet see this in the Marketplace, but will keep looking for it and am excited about trying it out on my Lumia 900.

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  • GREAT underrated feature

    Tom Pajak
  • Mobile Music Service

    I'm inclined to think Nokia Music service would kick Zune's a** to the curb! And considering the ability to download tunes during our unlimited time zone on the home wi-fi won't run us (well, this) average joe-user(s) into the far side of data cap, gee... I could have so many tunes that I'd have to start doing the play list thing!! Too bad we still have to have Zune Media Player installed on our computer.
    MSoft never should have played "Keep Up With Cupertino Folks" and followed the iTunes separate software crazy craze.
    Crashin Chris