Nokia Lumia 1020 retains camera phone crown after iPhone 5S launch

Nokia Lumia 1020 retains camera phone crown after iPhone 5S launch

Summary: I was hoping to see some new innovations in optics from Apple, but after yesterday's announcement it was easy for me to stick with my Nokia Lumia 1020's amazing camera technology.

Nokia Lumia 1020 retains camera phone crown after Apple iPhone 5S announcement
(Image: Nokia)

Apple unveiled their two new iPhone models yesterday and after looking closely at what was announced, it was easy to decide to keep the Nokia Lumia 1020 in my collection as the premier smartphone camera. Apple made some minor camera improvements, but it was less than I was expecting.

Apple increased the iPhone camera sensor and pixel size, much like the strategy that HTC took with the HTC One. In terms of the camera though, my Lumia 1020 easily beats the new iPhone 5S due to optical image stabilization, microphone recording quality, and ability to "re-zoom" into photos.

Apple iPhone 5S vs. Nokia Lumia 1020: How they compare

Only a few phones have optical image stabilization and so far none have been able to match what Nokia does with their camera phones. It is a pleasure to watch video captured with a high end Nokia Lumia device and won't make you queasy.

You will also find that recording events, such as concerts, parties, and speeches, can't be beat with the audio capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Roundup: Apple unveils new iPhones and iOS 7

I use the Pro Camera app 90% of the time so that I can zoom in later and make multiple photos from one great shot. I love this capability and applaud Nokia for their innovation with optics here.

In my earlier article, I also listed four other reasons, besides just the camera, why I chose the Lumia over the iPhone 5. These all still remain valid today when I look at the iPhone 5S and 5C. Apple is launching a radio service with iOS 7, but it is more limited than Nokia Music and Xbox Music so I have no personal interest in using it.

In the past I would tell people I wasn't buying the newest iPhone and then go and buy it on launch day as I was too weak to resist the urge to have the latest and greatest. Samsung, LG, Nokia, HTC, and Motorola have stepped up to the plate and now have extremely compelling offerings that make it easy for me to skip incremental iPhone updates without looking back.

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  • Nothing to see here

    Obviously you haven't used the new iPhone 5s so this article is just link
    • He has used a 5, 4S and 4, so really he has used a 5S

      basically all the same phones
      • Flash

        But doesn't the new iPhone have 2 flashes now, just like the Lumia?
        • 2 LED flashes in new iPhone...

          1 LED and 1 Xenon flash in the Lumia 1020. Not that I know why one is better than the other... but thems the facts.
          • Xenon flash is brighter, and faster

            also uses less energy to get that flash, from what I understand.
            William Farrel
          • and also

            the colors will be more natural even in low light with Xenon Flash over dual led.
            Of course we are not in 2008 any more and LED flashes have advanced, but Xenon Flash is more natural.
            Ram U
        • Nope. The iPhone has two flashes with

          different white points. By varying their intensity it can more accurately reproduce the ambient light in low-light conditions. It increases the ambient light without changing it. It's a pretty dang slick technology.
          • Really

            Have you tried it already? Or just read it on the specs? ;-)
          • Nope, Xenon Flash produces

            more natural colors over Dual LED, here is proof,
            Ram U
          • Nope, 5 year old tech article doesn't prove' anything

            Wait for the reviews. My bet is best in class.
          • ...and you base this on a 5 year old product compairison.

            I hear that in 1906 they compared a steam car to a gas car and the steam car won.....strange we are not driving steam cars today, I mean it won the comparison.

            This article compares two phones that happen to use the same flash technology 5 years ago. There are so many variables involved that only an idiot would use this as fact to support their argument.

            We are going to have to wait for a true comparison to see which is the better camera.
        • Big Difference

          The iPhone 5S has dual LED flash with some color work to respond to different lighting situations. I don't know how that will compare to conventional dual LED. The Lumia 1020 has a Tungsten flash, and an LED light to keep flashlight functionality available. In the past, Tungsten has produced far superior results to dual LED. We'll need to see whether Apple's trick results in a significant improvement, but it's definitely not some kind of 2 = 2.
        • Flash

          is horrible, I'd much rather have decent optics and a good low-light sensor and not use flash.
    • No ..

      A colleague at work has a Nokia Lumia 1020 and my iPhone 5 photos are way better. Better colour, better contrast, and better in low light. This article is just link bait.
      • DPreview.

        There is a site that does photography reviews. Professionally. It's called DPReview.

        They reviewed the 1020. I'll take their word over yours.
        • Dpreview...

          You just set yourself up...if DPreview rates the 5s better than 1020, will you still trust them?
          • @dontcare2345456

            I don't know about him. But if many blogs claim that iPhone 5s is better than 1020 in terms of camera, I will trust their word for that.
          • Blogs

            Just like how many blogs claimed the iphone 4 had a superior camera to the Nokia N8. Blogs are never biased /s.
      • Lol.. nice joke!

        Low light photography iPhone is better than Lumia !!.. ha ha, even 920 beats all phones in low light, get real
      • I think its understandable....

        That in your case the iphone 5 has a nicer photo result...because well,,, you own the iPhone;-)