Nokia Music+ comes to Windows 8 and RT, just $3.99 per month

Nokia Music+ comes to Windows 8 and RT, just $3.99 per month

Summary: Nokia Music+ is a fantastic, low-cost music subscription service previously limited to Nokia Lumia smartphones. You can now experience it on Windows 8 and RT.


I am rocking out with Nokia Music+ on my Lumia 920, and now, Nokia has Nokia Music+ for Windows 8 and RT. Since I also roll with a Surface Pro, I can't wait to install and test this out as my new mobile music service.

Nokia Music+ comes to Windows 8 and RT, just $3.99 per month
(Image: Nokia)

Nokia stated that the Windows 8 version of Nokia Music+ features:

  • A 7 day trial of NM+: With an in-app upgrade path (30 second clip mixes outside of the trial period)
  • 100's of curated mixes from Nokia experts and international artists
  • Listen to all the MP3's in your "My Music" library via the app
  • Mix recommendations based on the music playing, for both mixes and your own collection
  • Artist mix: See up to three artists, and the app will create a playlist based on your choices
  • Offline mix: Save as many mixes as you can carry for offline playback
  • Search for mixes containing your favorite artist
  • Artist pages: Complete with high quality artist images, biographies, tweets, gig info (including Here mapping), related artists, and more
  • Snap View: Minimise Nokia Music on your home screen, but still access music controls
  • Play To: Stream music to DLNA devices on your wireless network.

As you can see, the only way to enjoy Nokia Music on Windows is to be a Music+ subscriber. The fee is only $3/month, which is much less than any other music subscription service. It's interesting that Nokia is making this available for non-Nokia devices since you still need a Nokia Lumia smartphone to use the service on a phone.

Nokia Music for Windows 8 is available now from the Windows 8 Store in the UK, US, Ireland, and Australia, and will be rolling out to all counties with Nokia Music+ in the coming weeks. If you are already a Music+ subscriber, then you can just sign in with your same credentials to enjoy the service on your Windows 8 or RT device.

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  • XBOX MusicPass

    Considering the download capabilities on several devices, the XBOX MusicPass remains very attractive with its 99$/year or monthly 9.99$.

    It still remains the most attractive music deal.
    • nokia

      how is 10$ better than 4$ offer.
      • It's better when...

        $3 gets you music that you can stream to your phone and $10 gets you music that you can download on your computer / laptop / phone for offline use as well as your xbox.

        I can download as many songs as my laptop can hold and play them anywhere I want regardless of internet connections for $99 a year.
        • Wow

          Do you realize you can download a whole day of radio with Nokia Music? And you can play it regardless of internet connections for $48 a year. You can do the same exact thing with Windows 8 too, so while Nokia doesn't have any offerings for your xbox, it trumps XBOX Music Pass in every other way.
  • Can you use one sub on multiple devices?

    If I pay for this on my Windows Phone, can I get access on my computer from the same sub? Do I have to pay separately for each one?
    • One sub, full access

      I have it on my Nokia Lumia 920 and just tested on my Surface Pro. You just login with your Nokia or Facebook account, however you set it up to start with, and can use on multiple machines. I'm not sure about limitations on offline music, but will test more this weekend.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • Thanks for the info!

        My wife is waiting on the 928. She's addicted to downloading music that she listens to hardcore for like a month and then moves on. This is probably not only a cheaper solution, but cheaper than her Sirius XM + Pandora by a long shot.
  • Xbox Music pass And they are pretty fast on adding new contents. For 99$ a year and ability to download and listen offline, it's a pretty good deal.
  • Um

    Obviously this is two months late, but I was looking into this and noticed some people (even in the article) are saying it's $3. Rounding issues much?