Nokia reveals launch date for next-gen hardware: Phablet, RT tablet coming next month?

Nokia reveals launch date for next-gen hardware: Phablet, RT tablet coming next month?

Summary: It looks like Nokia's phablet and RT tablet will finally be launched next month.


The most credible hint yet that next month will see the release of Nokia's next hardware flagships has surfaced today.

Nokia's Twitter account on Tuesday tweeted a picture of two men sand skiing with the text "#blazing #stories #innovationreinvented" and a message that more will be revealed on 22 October.

The date chimes with reports earlier today that the launch of a Nokia phablet, originally scheduled for the end of September — when Nokia traditionally does hardware launches, previously timed to coincide with its Nokia World event — had been delayed until late October.

Rumours have also suggested the event will see the debut of a Nokia RT tablet codenamed Sirius alongside a six-inch phablet which is expected to bear the name Lumia 1520.

The event was reportedly delayed following the €5.4bn acquisition of Nokia's devices and services unit by Microsoft earlier this month, and may have been moved so as not to clash with the launch of Microsoft's second-generation Surface tablets in late September.

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  • Price or OS changes?

    If Nokia, as rumored, was going to launch a $500 WinRT-based tablet when others are launching $250 Win8-based tablets, they may have to take a look at their value proposition.
    • It's in the sauce...

      LTE was to be included, not exactly sure that any of those other budget tablets have this included. =[
      • That's a lot of sauce

        LTE is not worth that much
    • Well $500 is still a rumor

      It could be true or just a speculation without basis. I will wait and see. If it is less than $250, I may consider two otherwise I will pass and go with $250 Windows 8 tablets for kids.
      Ram U
    • At $500 it will be dead before it even hits store shelves.

      I just can't imagine any way Nokia (even under Microsoft) would try to sell an RT tabet for $500 after what happened to SurfaceRT.

      Not that it matters to me. Regardless of the price I will get a Windows8 tablet. There just isn't enough price saving possible to make up for loss of desktop programs on RT (or iOS/Android).
    • Agreed. LTE or not any ARM tablet should be $100 less

      than a comparable Intel tablet. If Nokia isn't thinking this they need a course correction in order to avoid failure. Maybe they have a $139 no LTE version on tap already. I sure hope so for their sake. They need that and a $199-$249 Intel based version.
      Johnny Vegas
  • Nokia reveals launch date for next-gen hardware: Phablet, RT tablet coming

    More of those great Microsoft Windows products are coming to market. People are choosing them over the competition. I'm curious to see what Nokia has up its sleeve at this event. They are always surprising me with their new innovations.
    • shutup..

      your nonsense knows no bounds...
      • But

        He is right here...

        I AM choosing windows products over the competition.. my previous phone was iphone 4S, my new one a Lumia 920. I might get a good win8 tablet soonish. Not sure what Nokia will bring to the table so I'll wait.. (was planning on going for a Surface Pro)
      • ... silly shills ...

        They're there to put the buzz in buzzkill.
    • Oymoron

      Windows + great = oxymoron.
  • No new phones please

    I would hate to see the new sexy phone. I plan on getting 925 and if Nokia releases something sexier I would be very unhappy.
    • Then...

      Just get the "new sexy phone" instead ?
  • Sounds like ...

    Nokia may miss the Holiday buying period if they cannot have units in stores or at least delivered by Christmas. It will be interesting to see if they can be that aggressive or not. I think that MAY have a slight factor in Windows 7 Phone as I seem to remember Nokia/MS missing the Holiday buying season that year also.