Nokia to reveal 'More Lumia' on day one of Microsoft's Build show

Nokia to reveal 'More Lumia' on day one of Microsoft's Build show

Summary: Nokia looks to be readying new Lumia hardware and/or software on the first day of Microsoft's Build 2014 conference in San Francisco next week.


Nokia looks to be planning to unveil some new Lumia hardware and/or software on the first day of Microsoft's Build 2014 show in San Francisco.


The company is holding a press announcement on April 2 in downtown San Francisco, according to an invitation it sent to press and analysts on March 25. The announcement says "Join Us for More," and uses the hashtag #MoreLumia. There also is Windows Phone and Lumia branding on the announcement.

Information has been circulating for a while about possible future Lumia phones expected to debut with Windows Phone 8.1. Those phones include devices codenamed "Moneypenny," "Goldfinger" and "Martini." However, the invitation for next week's event uses the same smiley face logo that Nokia uses for Nokia Mix Radio, its streaming music app.

Microsoft is expected to reveal officially more information about Windows Phone 8.1, codenamed "Blue," at the Build show next week. Microsoft execs shared some of the planned features for Windows Phone 8.1 at the Mobile World Congress show in late February. Many of the features coming with the new Windows Phone 8.1 operating system are known as a result of leaks of the software development kit Microsoft provided to some select developers in February. 

Windows Phone 8.1 will feature a personal digital-assitant rival to Google Now and Siri, codenamed "Cortana." It also is expected to include built-in VPN support, updated camera functionality, IE11 and more.

According to Windows Phone Central, Nokia also is working on a firmware update for its devices that will piggyback on Windows Phone 8.1, which supposedly also is codenamed "Blue." (Nokia has been using colors as codenames for its firmware updates, as of late. Previous Nokia firmware updates have included "Amber" and "Black.")

Microsoft is expected to close on its acquisition of Nokia's handset business by the end of April, rather than the end of March, as the company originally hoped and expected. 

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  • 1520 on more carriers please

    Same for icon.
    • agree

      Latest models on all carriers is important to avoid sell for darm cheap.
      • But the thing is don't know when they will be available.

        But the thing is don't know when they will be available. If they SHOW OFF IN build will they come out in holiday season.
    • I tried the 1520

      it is too big for me, I went for the 1020 in the end, as the Icon hasn't been released over here yet.
      • 1020 on all carrier also, please!!!!

        I would have bought either one if they were offered on my carrier.

        First time I have considered switching carriers just to get a phone I want. Hopefully Nokia announces something that changes this today at Build.
  • Clues? Why is the "o" filled with an orange colour in the animation on this page?
    • Exactly...

      But more importantly they have a clock icon there too.
  • Any Chance for a Galaxy Note 3 Contender?

    I think many users would kill for a Windows phone Wacom pen contender to the Galaxy Note 3. The GN3 has been a big seller, and not just to geeks, as the same pen works with the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. The ability to enter handwritten notes in OneNote on your phone, and sync them with the full desktop power of OneNote 2013 on your Surface Pro, would be a huge win for users.

    Or just tell me I'm spitting into a gale force wind...
    • +1

      Ram U
    • I dream for my wish

      I've been wishing for Microsoft to do this since I owned the touch pro 2, wich had a resistive screen. I waited to upgrade in hopes of a wagon enabled windows phone with capacitive screen to be released before finally getting the 920. I'm resisting the urge to get the 1520 in hopes the followup will have it and be a REAL contender to the note 3.
      • Wacom

        Wacom...i hate auto correct sometimes
  • Nokia to reveal 'More Lumia' on day one of Microsoft's Build show

    If I had to guess Nokia Mix Radio is getting an update of some type. I would like to see some new hardware on Verizon but they just released the Icon so that is unlikely. Nokia is really good at making software so who knows what they got up their sleeves.
    • On the Conversations post

      the 'o' in MORE is an animation with multiple Nokia services.
  • More Lumia

    I am very curious about what this "more Lumia" update will be like in practice. The existing WP8 OS, which I have on a Lumia 520, is already pretty good, especially after the recent 'Black' update. "Voice-instructions" is there already, as is IE (which I thought was IE11).

    There are already a large number of Lumia phone types at various prices on the market so, if more handsets are launched to coincide, maybe one or two will be superseded?

    (Am located in the UK.)
  • Quad Core 1020 replacement

    I doubt it's going to happen, but it'd be nice.
    Michael Alan Goff
    • +1

      And a slow motion video cam capability would be an awesome addition to already existing Camera and Full HD Video Camera.
      Ram U
  • Music?

    The image you show has the Nokia Music logo in it maybe something to do with that?
  • Windows Phone No Longer relevant in Europe - Microsoft should adopt Android

    Nokia are no longer doing any heavy marketing of Lumia brands in Europe, for obvious reasons. Which is now manifest in the downward slide of Windows Phones in Europe, from previous highs approaching 10% in some states. Windows Phone has always been rejected in the US. So Windows Phone future is now solely reliant upon cheap, non profit making 52X units in Asia. Not a good place to be.

    Its now only a matter of time before Satya throws in the towel, and promotes MS services on Android. Windows RT is not far behind.
    • JulesVerny is spinning FUD, for obvious reasons

      I wondered who of you would post first
      • I see it in my stats

        Since I have four WP8 games written, I can show you the decline in download stats, and the total failure in my eCPM and fill rates.

        Don't believe me: Then I suggest you go and look at the Microsoft PubCentre forum, and just see how happy all us (ex) Windows Phone developers feel about this failed platform.