Nokia updates Maps, Drive and Transport: In pictures

Nokia updates Maps, Drive and Transport: In pictures

Summary: Nokia has updated its core navigation apps for its Lumia handsets, bringing new features such as full offline voice-guided navigation, public transport directions and speed limit warnings

TOPICS: Mobility, Apps
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Topics: Mobility, Apps

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  • Interesting the privacy (or lack of it) on these new Nokia Nokia Maps, Drive and Transport applications, you are forced to give your location, and allow the Apps to gather location, local Wifi ids. This is then passed between Microsoft,Nokia and Partners to do as they please. In effect - you allow Nokia to gather your Broadcast Wifi Hotspot Name, (the Google no_map appendix doesn't work here) and the location of your house/work etc/on the move. The only opt-out is not to install the update.
    I'd say this contravenes EU Privacy Laws, as your only option to 'update' the in-built software - is to (now) 'opt in'* to giving Nokia/Microsoft and Partners, full access to your location and Wifi info. * - I say 'opt-in' - there is no option here.

    I understand that to relay maps back to me, they in effect have my location, but this doesn't mean I'm happy for Nokia to gather my 'private' Wifi hotspot info. Is this another Google Wifi gathering fiasco in the making, accept this time you 'must' give them permission to carry on using the in-built software - In my book that's the same as them taking the info without having permission.

    Nokia can I return my WP7 phone to Vodafone instead?