North Korea blames US, South for cyberattack 'sabotage'

North Korea blames US, South for cyberattack 'sabotage'

Summary: North Korea had laid the blame for cyberattacks at the feet of its southern counterpart and the United States.

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North Korea has accused the U.S. of staging cyberattacks aimed at infiltrating its Internet servers.

As reported by Reuters, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or DPRK as the country is officially known, believes that the United States is to blame for a set of cyberattacks which caused disruption to its main news services.

The cyberattacks in question caused disruption to a number of online services, temporarily killing access to service websites including the KCNA news agency and state Rodong Sinmun newspaper. On Friday, the Korean Central News Agency commented:

"It is nobody's secret that the U.S. and the South Korean puppet regime are massively bolstering up cyber forces in a bid to intensify the subversive activities and sabotages against the DPRK. Intensive and persistent virus attacks are being made every day on Internet servers operated by the DPRK."

The KCNA also said that both parties "will have to take the responsibility for the whole consequences."

North Korea, itself, has been blamed for spreading malicious software which aimed to bring down global governmental bodies and corporations. In 2011, the country was accused of launching a cyberattack against South Korea which crashed approximately half of the servers belonging to a South Korean bank, which destroyed key data and prevented customers from accessing their funds for several days. Kim Young-dae, a prosecutor who was in charge of the investigation that followed, called it an "unprecedented act of cyberterror involving North Korea."

North Korea in turn says that its Southern rival is fuelling the flames of confrontation with these kinds of accusations, although defectors from the country have warned that thousands of computer engineers in Pyongyang have been recruited for cyberwarfare, according to the publication.

The accusation comes at an interesting time, as the U.S. begins serious talks with China over allegations that it is one of the main sources of cyberattacks. For the first time this week, U.S. intelligence agencies said that cyberattacks are now a concern that tops terrorism in terms of national security, and measures must be taken to combat such threats.

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  • Do they even...

    Do they even make viruses that attack Commodore 64s and TRS80s?
  • Who cares?

    The world community doesn't care about North Korea's digital complaints. It is like a bank robber complaining that Foot Locker sold him shoes with broker shoelaces.
  • It makes you wonder

    How did the US smuggle the needed 5-1/4" floppy disks into North Korea?
  • Wait. Don't you

    need electricity to run computers
  • North Korea has Internet servers?

    I didn't know they even had electricity.
    • And who are the people making IX peering agreements with the DPRK?

      Makes you wonder. Follow the money, I suppose.
  • Who hacked?

    Considering the history of government hacking other governments I suspect that China should be the primary suspect.
    • well, no, I don't think China would be hacking NK. I suspect that it's a

      western world power, from sea to shining sea, with amber waves of grain. Makes sense, only the politically elite and military have access to the internet. Imagine NK launching a nuclear war because someone cut off these clowns' access to internet porn.
      • actually... i would bet china has and does hack NK

        Why wouldn't they? Its a simalar situation with the uk and the us. Even though they talk openly on the plublic and secret stages, the only way to verify the facts is to find out for your self. Thus they spy on each other.

        And if you think china isn't worried about their crazy frien
        • efing phone... continued from last...

          Friend to the south being armed with nuclear bombs, you clearly don't understand how paranoid china is.
  • So What's new??

    After the cyber attacks on Iran, does anybody doubt that the Koreans are right?
    • Never believe the North Koreans

      North Korea's perversion of Stalinism is so bad, even Stalin would have had their leaders sent to the death camps. But one of the consequences of their evil mentality is that they lie continually. Even when they say something that happens to have factual truth in it, it is done with the sole purpose of cunning deception.

      Some people may not like the term, but "axis of evil" is perfectly apt for North Korea.
  • North Korea is the poster child for ungrateful whiners

    The only reason they are back online is the South Koreans and US have put in gear to help guard their sole internet connection from the over seas script kiddies who had been taking them offline for fun once their external router IP got DOXd. Granted I suspect that the US is doing it because some level of covert data transfers that we had going over that link were down as well (so it wasn't exactly the goodness of our heart) but still...once again North Korea proves itself to be South Korea's retarded little brother.

    As to who is hitting them...there is bragging in any number of forums about how easy it was to blow them away...and the people they've hurt over the years means the number of angry teens lining up to clobber them was apparently quite deep.
    Algo Rythm
  • Duh!

    Who else will the North Koreans blame? Vatican? Syria? Nigeria? Nobody takes their comments seriously.