Novell responds to Microsoft email

Novell responds to Microsoft email

Summary: Novell, responding to Steve Ballmer's latest attack on Linux, is accusing Microsoft of selectively using biased reports to back up its claims

Microsoft's latest attack on Linux, in which its chief executive Steve Ballmer repeated the key themes of Microsoft's "Get The Facts" campaign, has evoked a strong response from Novell which accuses the software giant of selectivity.

In the email sent to Microsoft customers and partners on Wednesday, Ballmer claimed that Windows was a better choice than Linux in terms of security, training, total cost of ownership (TCO) and protection against legal action over patent violations.

Novell vice-president John Hogan and senior business analyst Barrett Coakley responded to the various points in the email, and claim Microsoft was selective in its choice of which sections of the reports to back up its 'facts' with.

"Not surprisingly, the points made by Mr Ballmer leverage only those statements in its commissioned studies that reflect most positively on Microsoft, " said Hogan. "A broader look paints a much more objective picture, one more favourable to Linux."

Novell's Hogan also questioned Ballmer's statement that the reports cited are independent, giving an example where Microsoft was permitted to fine-tune a set-up, while Linux was run off an emulator.

For more analysis and Novell's full response to the Microsoft email click here.

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  • No wonder Ballmer have a selectiv view of the truth when he speeks on Linux vs Windows. this is his job. Just as it is the job of the Novell spokesperson to prove him wrong. Who would fully believe any of them.

    What would be interesting is the view of companies that have switched to Linux.
  • UK government report disagrees with Microsoft on Linux