Nvidia chipset to challenge Atom and Nano

Nvidia chipset to challenge Atom and Nano

Summary: With its Tegra line, Nvidia weighs into the same subnotebook-oriented market that is currently occupied by Intel's Atom and Via's Nano

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Nvidia has announced a line-up of low-powered chipsets that will compete in the same arena as Intel's Atom and Via's Nano processors.

According to Reuters, this week's Computex show could see some manufacturers announcing the incorporation of Nvidia's Tegra 600 and Tegra 650 processors into their products. Target devices are reported to be initially in the mobile internet device (MID) category, although the chipset should be able to be used in smaller devices, as well.

MIDs range between handheld, touchscreen computers and slightly larger PCs exemplified by the Asus Eee PC subnotebook.

The ARM11-based chips include Nvidia's APX2500 application processor, a graphics processing unit, a media processor and system memory, according to the Reuters report.

ZDNet.co.uk approached Nvidia for comment, but had not received a reply at the time of writing.

Topic: Processors

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