Office 2010 Technical Preview: Screenshots

Office 2010 Technical Preview: Screenshots

Summary: We give you a sneak peek at a "Technical Preview" build of Microsoft's upcoming Office 2010 suite before the company formally unveils it to the public.

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  • Above you can see a fairly standard Microsoft pre-release software licence.

    (Credit: Renai LeMay/

  • The installation process is quite similar to that of Office 2007.

    (Credit: Renai LeMay/

Topics: Software, Microsoft

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  • Jumbled?

    Is it me, or do others find this newish Office layout jumbled and jarring?

    Does anyone know if we can switch to Office 'classic' look and feel?

    If not, what alternatives to Office are there I can get my staff to use?
  • WTF!?!?!?!

    Why screen grabs of the terms of use and installation progress bar??? Despearate for page views???
  • meh

    looks shit
  • Looks good...but grey?

    Good to see the interface streamlining and enhancement that started in Office 07 is continued and made uniform in the new version.
    @Gloucster7: I take it you haven't used Office 07? The ribbon interface is confusing at first, but that's just because it's unfamiliar. It's actually really intuitive and doesn't take long to get used to.
    What's with the grey though? Reminds me of macOS', and is uglier than the 07 colour schemes. Hopefully the other colour schemes are better, and that it will be transparent with Aero.
  • Other views would be useful

    I was hoping to see a view of the new Publisher. Publisher 2007 could easily have been Publisher 2003a. Have they updated the Publisher interface this time around?
  • Other views - Publisher

    Looks more unified than 07 which was a nice improvement and pleased to see MS extending the ribbon UI.

    As for getting hung up on colours hmm who was that dumbo woman on the Inventors or Towards 2000 show?

    I do use Publisher quite a lot for simple ads, signs and brochures and would think it time it came in for a big feature and template refresh.

    As for G7 looking for a replacement for Office for "your staff" perhaps you should ask them if they think it prudent to change?

    They may very well be the better folk to decide what's best.
  • Office

    Well iam currently using the office 2010 and its ok but iam old skool for this shit and 2003 is better i think. Just when its released have a good go of it from a friend or something because u may not like the new layout!
  • But...

    Yea, but all of MS future products are going to be this way, so if you want to still be using office 2003 in 2050, then keep on using it. Change is the hardest thing for people to do, but once you get past the "new" state, then everything seems just as good, and hey, you might even like it. Just give a little time to get used to it.