OLPC's Negroponte: Intel 'contributed nothing'

OLPC's Negroponte: Intel 'contributed nothing'

Summary: The One Laptop per Child founder has hit out at Intel's decision to leave the project, saying the chipmaker failed to deliver on 'promises' made when it joined

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Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of One Laptop per Child (OLPC), has hit out at Intel's decision to leave the $100 laptop project, accusing the chipmaker of contributing nothing while it was a member.

Negroponte said Intel had failed to deliver on any of the "promises" made when it joined the organisation.

In a statement, Negroponte said: "Intel was unable to work co-operatively with OLPC on software development. Instead, over the entire six months it was a member of the board, Intel contributed nothing to OLPC."

He added that Intel "disparaged" the laptop in the developing nations which had partnered with OLPC — or were in the process of becoming involved — and that the company's heart was never in the project.

But Negroponte is optimistic the departure of Intel will not be a problem, saying the OLPC board now has a "renewed clarity" in purpose.

He concluded: "We will continue to focus on our mission of providing every child with an opportunity for learning."

Of the other companies involved, Negroponte said they had been crucial in helping fulfil "our mission of getting laptops into the hands of children in the developing world".

Topic: Hardware

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  • Good work Negroponte

    Intel are making a killing with their Core 2 range and are probably going to repeat this with their Penryn and Nehalem chips, they are also spending vast sums on r&d to get the next 32nm stuff off the drawing board.
    Why should they bother with this $100 laptop idea?

    Well because they said they would.
    And they didn't.
    And although Negroponte may be a little sensationalist in his response, fair play to him for spilling the beans on Intel's broken promise to all those poor underprivileged kids.