OneDrive app available at the Amazon App Store

OneDrive app available at the Amazon App Store

Summary: Working in the cloud on the Kindle Fire tablets just got easier with the OneDrive app now available in the Amazon App Store.


Kindle Fire tablet owners can now work more easily with files stored in Microsoft's OneDrive cloud service as the OneDrive app is now on the Amazon App Store. The app requires an account with Microsoft to use OneDrive.

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Without the OneDrive app, Kindle Fire HDX owners had to access files on their OneDrive account through the web browser. The app is a much better way to work with OneDrive files.

The OneDrive app will work with many Android devices, not just the Kindle Fire tablets. It has been available on the Google Play Store for a while, but Kindle Fire owners were out of luck as those devices are restricted to get apps from the Amazon App Store.

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When you run OneDrive for Android, you have the option to turn on automatic backup of photos taken with the device camera directly to your OneDrive account. When you turn it on you are allotted an extra 3GB of storage at no cost.

The app is free and available at the Amazon App Store

The release of OneDrive on the Amazon store lays the groudwork for the upcoming release of Office for Android. It makes sense for Microsoft to make Office available for all Android devices no matter which app store is used.

OneDrive works directly with Office so everything is ready. Microsoft will likely release Office for Android on the Google Play Store first. Let's hope they bring Office to the Amazon store quickly. That would make every Android device owner a potential Office customer, even those without access to the Google store.

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  • Cross platform rules!

    Move aside Google, your becoming proprietary like Apple. Microsoft is now the king of cross platform tools.
    Sean Foley
  • Really

    I can browse my OneDrive folders, along with my phone folders and my media card folders, with the native, built-in file manager on my BlackBerry Z10. With native email support for GMail, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, etc, along with BBM and BES10, BlackBerry is the king of cross-platform integration.