openSUSE 11.1 Beta 4: Screenshots

openSUSE 11.1 Beta 4: Screenshots

Summary: This screenshot gallery takes you through the installation process and basic desktop functions of the latest beta version of openSUSE, the community version of Novell's SUSE Linux distribution.


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  • Over the past few months we've taken both Fedora and Ubuntu out for a spin, so when the openSUSE project announced the latest testing (or "beta") version of its Linux distribution had been released, we couldn't resist the temptation.

    We booted the LiveCD Gnome-based version of openSUSE 11.1 beta 4 in a virtualised environment using VMWare Workstation. We then installed the operating system on a virtual hard disk to test it out.

    We found openSUSE to be very fast in a virtualised environment compared to our previous Ubuntu experiences, but there's nothing scientific in this test.

    The operating system is broadly friendly and easy to use, but some bugs remain — for example, we couldn't get the bundled version of to run.

    openSUSE could also do with some polishing in places. For example, Ubuntu hides all terminal-style messages behind a pretty exterior during boot up, while openSUSE occasionally shows the user its inner workings.

    (Credit: Renai LeMay/

  • (Credit: Renai LeMay/

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  • good

    Oh ! very very nice
  • yeah..

    I like how you completely neglected to show the KDE4 desktop. /sarcasm
  • Looks nice

    Though it is still Novell, it certainly looks nice!
    I will try it ASAP!
    <a href="">Maarten</a>
  • GUI

    Gnome again?

    Weren't the previous two reviews of Fedora and Ubuntu both using Gnome?

    OpenSUSE is another great example of a Linux distro and is worth a look, but if you ask me Gnome is hardly the best advertisement to non Linux users. It just doesn’t adequately show off the graphical user experience in both look and functionality that Linux is capable of now.

    Let's see some KDE.
  • Why did Open Office fail?

    Following the screen shots was informative to a point... but when one puts up the screen "Open Office - fatal error", it begs the question 'Why?'. Perhaps a one-line description ought be suggested with future sequences of screen shots... to give basic explanation of what is captured.

    And actually, I followed it all to chase up the opening comment that the new OpenSUSE performed better at virtualisation than other distros, but the 'article' never went there. I look forward to the follow-up article.
  • Open Suse

    I love opensuse. I even installed the so called 11 in my computer. But the moment that asked me to go purchase so codeds for music , movie and all. I had to think, I payed to microsoft for the same and now for this people once more. I thought about it. And I removed. May be I should have added some source which would have given me those codecs, but the best would have been, if the it was there.

    Well the open office is a shame for Linux. Nobody including, debian is doing something about it. Koffice is growing at the speed of snail I feel. I hope some alternative office pops up.
  • re: Why did Open Office fail?

    Because the screenshot was at least two weeks old. This was a known problem and ffixed inn the updates. It does not exist i beta5, which was released a week ago (12th Nov.). These are betas and not releases or even release candidates and are issued for testing with a list of known problems as published in the openSuSE weekly news <>.
  • Re: GUI

    F.Y.I. - Those screenshots are KDE 4.
  • Error!!!

    Oops - I stand corrected. It is Gnome...