Opera, Google extend search deal for two years

Opera, Google extend search deal for two years

Summary: Google and Opera continue to hold hands in browser harmony, as the mobile and desktop browser maker extends its deal with the search giant for two more years.


Web browser maker Opera said today it has extended a deal with Google to set the world's most popular search engine as its default search engine in its browser for another two years.

The deal will see a bevy of Google's services promoted throughout Opera on both its desktop and mobile browsers. The deal will expire on August 1, 2014.

The Norway-based browser maker said today its Q2 earnings showed sales were up by 32 percent to $52.1 million, up 32 percent year-on-year, beating analyst expectations by a mere few thousand dollars.

Opera also said it has 200 million people using its mobile browser, an increase of 47 percent compared to the same quarter a year ago. 

According to Net Applications, Opera has a 1.59 percent desktop market share in the browser space, while in the mobile space, Opera Mini has a 9.32 percent share.

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  • Sleeping with the enemy

    Opera is doomed. Google's Chrome web browser is killing any chance Opera might have had to remain relevant.

    Like Mozilla, Opera is now little more than a dependent and puppet of the Google borg.

    Opera supported Google, Apple and Mozilla in successfully lobbying the EU to force Microsoft to prompt Windows users to choose a browser. It was a self-serving and hypocritical campaign.

    Perhaps it's time that Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari actively prompted users to choose their default search and homepage?
    Tim Acheson
    • Me personally

      Would like the browser ballot on all versions of windows just not the EU version.

      Search ballot would be nice, but that your idea of default homepage/search would apply to IE also.. i doubt a lot of people would choose msn & bing, because on windows that's what the default is now..
      Anthony E
    • Opera extends by two years its search deal with Google

      Opera extends by two years its search deal with Google

    • Opera is better than Chrome

      No browser has caught up with Opera yet. Opera is small because it doesn't have anything except the best browser.
      Windows comes with IE, Google advertises Chrome like hell, Apple systems come with Safari and the open source community pushes Firefox whenever they can.
      Opera is just Opera. Not a fair fight.
      Stephan Sevenyoln
  • Opera, Google extend search deal for two years

    Two companies who's products I would I would never use. Seems fit for each other.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Google and Chrome 4 me

      So what do you use for search and browser LD, if I may ask?
      • He uses

        IE and Bing.
        Michael Alan Goff
        • My God...

          I'd hate to be his therapist.
          • Why?

            IE is getting better, and so is Bing.
            Michael Alan Goff
      • IE/FF and Bing

        Its the perfect combo, IE, FF, and Bing.
        Loverock Davidson-
  • Good for Opera (and for me)

    Opera is a fine web browser on multiple platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux and FreeBSD. It includes, by default, the functionality of Mozilla Firefox add-ons NoScript and FlashBlock. I much prefer it to Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Google's Chrome/Chromium web browsers.

    It's Mozilla Firefox and Opera for me on Windows and Linux.
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • Opera

      Opera is great for lower resource devices. It powers the Nintendo Wii, and DS game consoles for istance. It's also my preferred browser on my HTC Evo phone and my HTC Flyer tablet. Opera's made a decent niche for themselves that probably guarantees them growth and a future.
  • Opera is excellent software

    I have been using Opera since it's inception and really like it. I use it and IE for my browsers and occasionaly Chrome. Opera has been probably the most innovative of all of them. First with tabs for example. It is quick and works fine. I really like their speed dial and IE of course copied that but not as intuitive. For people who simply have not given it a try, download and try it out --you actually might be surprised. Anyway I kind of like pulling for the underdog, like Windows Phone. It is an incredibly small download for a full featured browser.