Optus gets legal over Telstra maps

Optus gets legal over Telstra maps

Summary: Optus is considering pursuing legal action over a set of 3G coverage maps which Telstra has produced in an effort to show the dominance of its Next G network over the SingTel subsidiary's own mobile offering.


Optus is considering pursuing legal action over a set of 3G coverage maps which Telstra has produced in an effort to show the dominance of its Next G network over the SingTel subsidiary's own mobile offering.

Coverage Map

The orange sections of the map are supposed to be Telstra's coverage, with Optus in blue. (Credit: Delimiter Screenshot of Telstra map)

The maps were linked to from Telstra's Exchange blog yesterday, with Rod Bruem — Telstra's corporate affairs manager for its business division — stating that the company's competitors were still trying to catch up with Next G. "This map shows just how inadequate the Optus 3G 2100 (MHz) coverage really is," wrote Bruem.

"Optus is considering its legal options with respect to stopping these misleading claims," Optus said in a company statement.

"The information on Telstra's Exchange website completely ignores Optus' growing mobile coverage, especially in regional Australia, which now covers over 96 per cent of the Australian population. We look forward to a correction as they have grossly misled the consumer and distorted the options that Australian customers have when it comes to mobile coverage."

Bruem had pointed out that some devices — such as the iPhone and iPad — might not support Optus' 900MHz spectrum networks, which it predominantly uses in rural areas. However, the new iPhone 4 does support the 900MHz band.

"The vast majority of Optus smartphones able to access the full dual band coverage, which is not included on Telstra's map," said the Optus statement.

The SingTel subsidiary claimed that "the fear of more choice and competition" for mobile services in Australia was forcing its competitors into making misleading claims when it came to comparisons of mobile network coverage.

"In the past 12 months (FY09/10), Optus has quadrupled the carrying capacity in our mobile network and added more than 600 new sites," the telco said. "This represents a significant investment in both metropolitan and regional Australia."

The majority of reader comments on Bruem's entry were negative, and some readers on the Telstra blog backed Optus' view that Telstra's comparison was not apples to apples.

"Next G is clearly faster and has better coverage to the Optus network (2100 and 900), there is no doubt, but leaving out a huge chunk of Optus coverage because you are basing the argument on a SINGLE handset that does not operate on the 900 band is sneaky at best and misleading at worst," wrote one reader.

"Those maps are so amateurish and deceitful it's embarrassing to think a major corporation like Telstra is responsible for them," wrote another.

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  • As I mentioned at Telstra Exchange (but still awaiting moderation - probably never to see the light of day)...

    Interesting that the return of Rod (to Telstra Exchange commentary), evokes a return to the old “I won’t be apologising” NWAT, propagandist mentality.

    Interesting also, it comes just after the opinion polls show Labor to be in trouble and the (Telstra) sympathetic Coalition the next possible government.


    1 step forward… 2 steps back, eh Telstra!
  • RS your demonisation of NWAT is without fact when the complete picture is examined.

    NWAT was established by Sol Trujillo and Phil Burgess as a forum to inject information for the Australian people concerning Telstra and to allow all opinions to be openly expressed. Rod Bruem was instructed to formulate and expedite the Site.

    You see RS Sol was aware of the intentions of Mr Howard and later of Mr Rudd to dominate the telecommunication industry and to take control by nationalisation of business. How prophetic these thoughts have proved to be.

    We see Telstra under blackmail and threat to self destruct or by regulation see their business destroyed. We see the threat of censorship of the Internet and the perusal of all personal E-Mail of Australians and the control by stealth of our mining industry.

    We see more people realise that Sol was right in his warning of future developments and he will have the last laugh after being ridiculed by a racist Mr Rudd with the taunt of "Adios Sol". Perhaps Mr Rudd's time for "Adios" is near.
  • Hi Sydney,

    It's taken 5-6 years and you finally got something right, I do demonise (as you so quaintly put it) NWAT.

    That's because NWAT was perhaps the most biased and disgusting, disreputable website to ever spring forth from a "so called" reputable company.

    It was a place where lies were presented as fact and a place designed to rally the manical Telstra sharholders (like you Syd) hell bent on revenge, because of their woefully performing shares.

    I will give credit to Dr. Phil and Sol in supplying such an arena to rally Telstra and their uneducated and 100% biased minions to fight against those leeching foreigners [sic], the dreaded ACCC [sic] and of course anyone else (like me) who didn't refer to Telstra as "Saint Telstra" or say "God Bless Telstra", as you have done ...and those others of you who do not have one impartial bone in their bodies, have done too, Syd...

    Rod was the toe-cutter who was sent in to do the NWAT dirty work - imho.

    Then when David Thodey took over, to gain a little cred, he rightly canned NWAT (or according to Vasso, my factual comments were instrumental in Telstra closing NWAT, lol).

    Since then, Telstra opened Telstra Exchange (sans Rod) and have been going along all nice and sugary, with threads from the likes Patti Newton (no disrespect intended - but Optus have Pink!!!) etc.

    But as soon as the polls show a possible change in government, the toe-cutter comes back and Telstra return to ridiculous propaganda.

  • Same old Telstra: vile, misleading and hungry for money as usual.
  • Samau, same old Telstra opponents, devious and tricky, looking for ways to free-load and maintain a parasite ride on the Big Fella.
  • Sydneyla refuses to see reality...


    Here's a URL to your perfect Telstra to prove it. 177 comments about Telstra's customer service of which nearly all are not so rosy (ironically mine is one of the one's congratulating Telstra, lol...).

    So rather than take note (as above) to people and their concerns, keep pretending these complaints aren't from genuine people and again close those eyes and dream Sydneyla...
  • BTW - the only freeloading parasites are Telstra, via their "gifted" (yes gifted and again gifted) monopoloy, PSTN in 1992. Lol...

    Enter AB with intelligent [sic] comment from behind his desk at Telstra... about now!
  • oh was I supposed to enter a comment 4 days ago?
  • And look exactly as I predicted...here you are. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Typical Telstra though, way behind everyone else.

    But you keep tryin' tiger!
  • How old are these Telstra maps, and which frequency bands do they operate in.

    I have been travelling aroud the area shown, and more often than not find the reverse to Telstras claims ( should we rename them Lystra, or Lycra, for all of the stretching of the truth, and remove the T from their registered name