Optus offers 'unlimited' iPad plan

Optus offers 'unlimited' iPad plan

Summary: In what appears to be a direct counter to Vodafone's launch on Wednesday of an Apple iPad plan featuring an unlimited download allowance, Optus has quietly launched its own unlimited iPad plan.


In what appears to be a direct counter to Vodafone's launch on Wednesday of an Apple iPad plan featuring an unlimited download allowance, Optus has quietly launched its own unlimited iPad plan.

The company did not issue a statement announcing the new plan. However, as revealed by APC magazine, the company's website now features an "Unlimited" recharge option at almost the same price point as Vodafone's — $50.

Like Vodafone's offering, Optus' $50 deal is not technically a plan, as it is a pre-paid recharge, but customers must use their data allowance within 30 days, meaning an effective monthly cost of $50 if customers want to continue using the 3G connection on their iPad.

Like Vodafone's offering, there are questions about whether Optus' plan can truly be described as unlimited, a problem that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has previously highlighted in Australia's telecommunications sector.

In Vodafone's case, the unlimited plan must not be used for peer-to-peer downloading — for example, over services such as BitTorrent. In Optus' case, it also specifies that peer-to-peer usage is not included, that the plans are for personal use only and that usage while overseas is not counted. In addition, Optus' iPad data usage is charged in 10MB increments — meaning that if you download only 500KB, the telco will still count it as being 10MB.

Optus' original line-up of plans was first revealed on Tuesday 11 May.

The Apple iPad went on sale yesterday in Australia to great interest from customers, many of whom lined up in the cold and rain the night before to be first in line to purchase the device.

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  • Sorry this is a little off topic (as it's not iPad related) but it is Optus based, so... Optus eh?

    I have been critical of Telstra (mainly because of their greedy supporters), Telstra's unwillingness to compete price wise and Telstra not posting my comments to Exchange Telstra, lol...But in general, as a Telstra customer, I haven't had too many problems.

    But my Telstra broadband plan expired and off I was going elsewhere.

    Looked at TPG, very nicely priced $49.95 - 180GB ADSL2 - but ADSL2 not available at my exchange. ADSL plans, not so inviting.

    Internode not bad - ADSL2, not available either...

    Others, same...

    Rang Telstra, who tried to sell me my existing plan 25GB for $89.95 per month!!! When I scoffed they then magically offered me a "limited time-frame plan" - "which was the exact same plan for $49.95, as the one they seconds earlier offered me at $89.95 - will they ever become reputable? Why hide this plan and pray on my possible apathy, rather than offering the $49.95 plan to me straight up? Oh that's right $$$$$.

    But ADSL2 is available from Telstra, so kudos there.

    Which left Optus - yes ADSL2 is available (kudos again) - $49.95 for 120GB (bundled with home phone - $29.95). If you do it online you will save installation and delivery fees of $118.95 - DONE, far superior pricing to my previous Telstra plan/contract...


    For the last few days, I have been trying online, to no avail, to churn over to Optus from their main rival Telstra. Both internet and home phone, but - "sorry, but we're unable to process your transaction at the moment. Please try again later".

    I popped into a local yes shop on Friday and they didn't even know about this plan and I sent Optus an email and haven't heard from them, as yet.

    Do they want my business? Why is it so hard?

    So yesterday, I rang Optus and a gentleman informed me that the free installation/delivery had expired a few days ago (probably 30 seconds before I tried to join, lol) which would explain why I am unable to sign up. I told him, but it clearly says (and I was looking at it as we spoke) $0 if you sign up online!

    But no???? He insisted the offer had expired and then said, luckily ADSL2 is available (which I knew) and he would sign me up there and then but I would have to pay the additional $118.95...

    Now $118.95 is hardly going to break the bank, but why pay it when it clearly says and still says now, do it online and save. If that has expired, remove the details from the site. Don't have people like me try umpteen times for no result. Plus, if they can't even get it right when it is beneficial to them, what will they be like when I inevitably strike problems.

    This is another reason why Telstra are able to charge a premium, because the others are either unavailable or simply too inept to capitalise on Telstra's greed. Plus even Telstra's woeful customer service (no disrespect to the individual employees) I'm sure could arrange a quick churn. So what does that nake Optus' customer service?

    If anyone from Optus (and I mean from Optus please) would like to reply here, please do so. I would be most interested to hear why you **** potential customers around, especially those who are willingly (no hard sell required) coming from your larger competitor, waving cash?

    Just another reason to BRING ON THE NBN. ASAP...
  • RS, drops Optus a query via their Social Media response page ( http://bit.ly/OPTUS ), I haven't used it personally but general consensus on Whirlpool is pretty good.
  • @RS
    Cool story, bro!
  • Thanks Tezz, will do...

    sleekizm78, what makes the story so cool is the fact it's sadly, all true!