Optus toys with excess charges on broadband plans

Optus toys with excess charges on broadband plans

Summary: Optus has recalled "erroneous" point-of-sale brochures for its Optus Fusion home phone and broadband bundles, which state that the carrier charges for excess downloads.


Optus has recalled "erroneous" point-of-sale brochures for its Optus Fusion home phone and broadband bundles, which state that the carrier charges for excess downloads.

The Optus Fusion service, which bundles a broadband connection and home phone in what the carrier described as an 'industry first', was widely advertised upon its July 2007 launch as having "no excess download charges".

Recent brochures distributed by the carrier, however, include a mention of excess charges in the fine print.

"If you exceed the standard data usage allowance of your plan, any additional usage will be considered excess usage and will be charged to your account at a rate of $0.15c per megabyte until you reach 2GB of excess usage, after which you will be speed limited to 64kbps until the end of your billing month," the conditions read.

Prior brochures stated that the carrier did not charge for excess downloads, and instead applied speed limiting as soon as a broadband subscriber exceeded their data allowance.

The terms and conditions listed in Optus's "erroneous" brochures would see Optus Fusion subscribers stung with excess data usage fees of up to AU$300 per month.

An Optus spokesperson claims that the point of sale brochure contains "errors" and is "out-of-date".

"There are no current excess download charges on Optus Fusion plans," the spokesperson said. "We do reserve the right, however, to always be reviewing our plans."

The spokesperson refused to comment as to whether excess data charges were planned and postponed, or whether they are planned for the future.

Optus has already come under some criticism for including uploads as well as downloads in its data allowance.

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  • Get the arithmetic right please!

    0.15c per MByte for 2GB is $3 not $300.
  • Re: Get the arithmetic right please!

    Actually.... 2Gb = 2000mb

    $0.15 x 2000mb = $300

    and that's a lot of money.. for excess usage
  • Get the arithmetic right please!

    Let me see 0.15 times 2000 = 300?
  • Arithmetic is correct

    You may want to double check your calculations Anonymous as 20MB would cost $3 so the figures quoted in the article are actually correct
  • Missing the point

    Forget my arithmetic (maths was never my strong point folks, but I think I got this one right).

    The point is: are we supposed to believe Optus that it was just an 'error'? Or are new Optus subscribers going to get stung with these costs?
  • Re: Get the arithmetic right please!

    0.15c * 2000 = 300 cents = $3

    It is fine to complain about Optus changing their conditions, but at least get the amount right.
  • Re: Missing the point

    It is fine to accuse Optus of changing their terms but at least get the amount it would cost a consumer correct!

    2000 * 0.15c = 300cents = $3

    Clearly a hanging offense!
  • Get it right!

    I'm sorry mate but it is $300

    15c x 2000mb = 30000c which is $300
  • Stop being so wilfully pedantic

    You know very well that the article says $0.15, meaning 15 cents, not .15 of 1c! That is what the brochure said (though I notice now that Optus have taken it offline).

    Therefore, 15c x 2000MB, which is $300, as everyone has said.

    What exactly are you trying to prove?
  • Anonymous

    He is a troller = Optus fan = he works for Optus = he is Optus' stuff, got the idea???
  • Not erroneous at all

    The excess data charges have now appeared on Optus' website.

    See http://personal.optus.com.au/web/ocaportal.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=personal_broadband_producttypeALLDSL_marketSegmentres&productpath=/personal/internet&FP=/personal/internet/broadband&site=personal

    Obviously Optus have been caught with their pants down, their spokeperson is a blatant liar and they cannot be trusted. I now have an extra ISP to warn all my friends/family to not sign up with...Floptus
  • Optus Website

    seems like nothing is on the weblink as posted by the last user :(

    however the website still shows....

    Flat monthly fee1 ...No excess usage fees.

    with the 1 stating:

    1. Data usage will be counted in Megabytes (MB) and includes both uploads and downloads. If you exceed your monthly data allowance, access will be speed limited to 64 or 128kbps depending on your plan until the end of the billing month.
  • Fusion Plan

    Guys go to the below URL. Read section 4 of the Terms and conditions.

  • This story has been updated

    Hi all,

    This story has been updated here:


    "Optus u-turns on monthly excess-data charge"
  • optus sucks

    dude i went to about 2GB's over and i got charged $300 but i bet this is all a scheme for optus to get more money