Oracle blocking Java installs in Russia

Oracle blocking Java installs in Russia

Summary: UPDATED. Reports indicate that users in Russia who attempt to download and install Java are being told that a government embargo forbids it.


Users in Russia are reporting that attempts to install Java are being redirected to a page which says that installation is forbidden under a legal embargo.

The page referred to in the reports does exist on, but we have not been able to confirm that users in Russia are redirected to it.

Updated on August 9: A user in Russia has confirmed for ZDNet that he was redirected to the embargo page when attempting to install Java.

The page says nothing about Russia or any other country, but it is located in the /ru directory of The image below is of the same page in the folder:

We have also been unable to locate any news or government announcements indicating that distribution of software like Java would be banned.

We have contacted Oracle for comment and will include it in this article when we receive it.

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  • In other news...

    Reports are coming in that the amount of malware infections on Russian computers has dropped dramatically.

    • Unlikely

      Russian Java users unable to apply security updates to Oracle's proprietary Java software will be *more* vulnerable to malware.

      Me? I'd install a GNU/Linux distro such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Mageia for my Java needs as it will be more difficult to block OpenJDK on mirrors worldwide. Or, perhaps, BSD. This could be a boon for Linux, BSD and OpenJDK in Russia.
      Rabid Howler Monkey
      • Hardly

        I really don't think people are going to install a OS that runs basically nothing just to install OpenJDK. Most people don't even need a JDK unless they use it for their job.
        Buster Friendly
        • OpenJDK refers to Oracle's open source Java

          There's both an OpenJDK JRE, which defaults on Ubuntu and Linux Mint, and an OpenJDK JDK. This is similar to Oracle's proprietary Java SE. In addition, there's Iced Tea which is an open source version of the Java plug-in for web browsers.

          Anyone running a Java application or applet (via their web browser) that is not a Java developer, will want the OpenJDK JRE, Iced Tea or both.
          Rabid Howler Monkey
        • Yeah right

          "a OS that runs basically nothing"

          Yes, yes. We all know your ignorance of all things Linux. You proclaim it loudly and often.
          • Sorry

            Sorry but the personal attack doesn't fly. I'm quite sure I know a lot more than you do as I've been a Unix expert since the mid-80s. The obvious ignorance on your part is not knowing Linux is only the kernel.
            Buster Friendly
          • That wasn't a personal attack

            You demonstrate your lack of knowledge of Linux everytime you make an ignorant comment about it, which is often.

            > " I'm quite sure I know a lot more than you do as I've been a Unix expert since the mid-80s. "

            ...and you know zero about me. That only proves you are:

            A) Old.
            B) Not nearly as expert as you believe.
            C) Prone to making baseless assumptions that show off your ignorance.

            That's not a personal attack either, just an empirical observation.
          • Massive fail

            That was too sad of a fail to ever bother point out the problems. What is it with Linux fanboys and personal attacks?
            Buster Friendly
          • Because you can't

            LOL, fanboy eh?

            You could try putting together a coherent argument, but I expect you'll keep up the passive-aggressive namecalling. It does seem to be all you are capable of.

            Go ahead...try and make a rational argument. I doubt you are capable.
          • Interesting

            I would expect a UNIX expert to be less of an MS-partisan; or at least a more thoughtful one.
            John L. Ries
          • Why? Is it a law that says if you work/worked in the Unix industry

            that you must hate Microsoft?

            What ever happened to just choosing to use what you feel is best for a particular job?

            What next - Craftsman vs. Snap On fights?
      • ...sheesh

        It was a joke.

        Although I do feel the less Oracle software you run, the more secure your machine is likely to be. Java's problems aren't limited to its browser plugin. Oracle just isn't very good at security.
        • It's not a joke is one is both Russian and uses Java

          Rabid Howler Monkey
          • You'll notice

            My joke wasn't about Oracle's ridiculous and surely futile attempt to block Russia form using Java or the impact it will have on Russian users, but was instead a joke at Oracle's expense regarding the integrity (or lack thereof) of their software with regard to security. Jokes aren't funny when you have to explain them.

            Oracle's download pages are already about as much of a joke as you'll find anywhere on the net. They require registration for even simple client downloads. It's bizarre, stupid, paranoid, devious, or whatever else you want to call it. Whenever I have to get Oracle software for whatever reason, I usually just create yet another throwaway account with gabage info in it. I hope they keep a nice big database of them. :)
          • Oracle doesn't care

            Any embargo is a requirement of the US government. Oracle doesn't really care.
            Buster Friendly
    • Learn what Java is please

      Please, learn what Java is verse the browser plugin.
      Buster Friendly
      • Are you really that dense?

        It was a joke.
        • Fail

          Trying to cover up the ignorance by pretending it was a joke and then using a personal attack the same time = DOUBLE FAIIL.
          Buster Friendly
          • Pretending?

            You're pretending you didn't see the emoticon at the end of my joke.

            You really are an idiot.
          • The joke

            The "joke" requires that misconception that Java = the browser plugin to make sense. Hence the ignorance. Name calling won't change that, so it's better just to learn the topic instead.
            Buster Friendly