Oracle unveils Java plans

Oracle unveils Java plans

Summary: The company has announced its strategy for Java, including plans to optimise the Java Platform Standard Edition and modernise the mobile platform


Oracle has outlined its plans for Java at the JavaOne conference, which is running concurrently with the Oracle OpenWorld event in San Francisco.

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The company announced that Java is being optimised for new application models and hardware to support Oracle's overall integrated systems approach, as well as being tweaked for mobile devices. Chief among these schemes is a plan to optimise the Java Platform Standard Edition, which will have extended support for scripting languages and further improvements to enhance productivity.

Oracle also said that it plans to offer a programming model that combines Java with the ease of use featured in JavaFX. Java Enterprise Edition will become more modular to make it easier to configure. On the device front, Oracle said it is "working to modernise" the Java mobile platform.

Oracle is looking to highlight how it will continue to invest in Java, which has a massive footprint across PCs, mobile phones and Blu-ray players.

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