OS X 10.10 Update 1.0 (a.k.a. Yosemite beta 2) seeded

OS X 10.10 Update 1.0 (a.k.a. Yosemite beta 2) seeded

Summary: Apple has seeded developers with the second beta of Yosemite alongside today's iOS 8 beta 2 release.

(Photo: Apple)

Apple seeded Yosemite beta 2 to registered developers today with a number of new features and stability enhancements, the first major update to Apple's next generation desktop operating system comes 15 days after the OS X 10.10 Developer Preview was released at WWDC.

Listed as build 14A261i, the new OS X 10.10 Update 1.0 might set a record for the most ones and zeros in a software update. The new build can be installed from the Apple Developer Center or via a software update in the Mac App Store. 

According to MacRumors, new features include: 

  • The return of the Photo Booth application 
  • Screen Sharing v6 now includes the ability to block incoming requests
  • Time Machine has done away with the starry space motif and now uses a blurred version of the current desktop picture
  • Handoff between Yosemite and iOS 8 appears to be functional in beta 2
  • AirDrop now offers an onscreen notification when a file is incoming making it is no longer necessary to open Finder
  • A new Settings icon

It appears that "dark mode" isn't implemented in Yosemite beta 2 but 9to5Mac has published a tip from Hamza Sood on how to enable it (and disable it) via the following Terminal commands:

  • To enable: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences AppleInterfaceTheme Dark
  • To disable: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences AppleInterfaceTheme Light

A MacRumors forum thread is tracking the changes in Yosemite beta 2 in copious detail, right down to the updated Settings icon.

Disclaimer: Yosemite betas are intended for developers and are not recommended for production. Yosemite betas may cause data loss and include security vulnerabilities.

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  • The race to the bottom continues.

    Light mode, dark mode, whatever the mode, the GUI still looks flat and boring. And now they've done away with the space motif of Time Machine...damn!! Doesn't matter whose GUIs on whatever OS these days, they all look gaudy. I may as well get me a 486DX and install Zenwalk.

    Arm A. Geddon
    • I Recall Jony Ive Quote

      "It's not how it looks, it's how it wurks!"
    • They need you

      They need you to re-design the GUI. They can't find the right guy apparently. You have a good shot at it!
      • They already have a good one with Mavericks.

        Problem I find these days is everyone wants to go the simplistic route. To me that's regression and not progression.

        Arm A. Geddon
    • I disagree

      The UI that they're going with is rather nice.

      My biggest problem is that it's buggy and slow, but I'm downloading the update right now to see how much was fixed between DP1 and DP2.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • hate the flat dock

        makes me think we're just getting Tiger back.
        • I like the flat dock

          I always liked the pictures of Tiger, they all looked so ... elegant.
          Michael Alan Goff
      • One of my biggest isses is?

        All OSes are starting to look alike...FLAT AND BORING!!
        Arm A. Geddon
        • Let me just add.

          I've been around computers for 30+ years so I've seen and been through a lot. Today when I look at the computing world I mostly see regression and not progression. Where's the pizzaz?!!
          Arm A. Geddon
      • Not here

        Just installed the latest version on a hard drive vs. my Mavericks install on an SSD. Yosemite seems to be holding its own in informal tests.

        Now for that flat, UI..... blah!
    • Flat and Clean

      An operating system (or any GUI in my opinion) should be as clean as possible and I have always thought flat was a better design method than gradients and 3d effects. It seems so many people want their devices to look like a 13 Year Old's MySpace account or something.