Pandora intros 40 hour mobile streaming limit, won't impact 96% of customers

Pandora intros 40 hour mobile streaming limit, won't impact 96% of customers

Summary: Pandora's costs for providing services are rising and they now have to cut back the free mobile streaming allowance to 40 hours per month. If you enjoy their service, skip the coffee or lunch and buy a subscription.


People are using their smartphones and tablets for music with various subscription services. Pandora continues to be one of the most popular services. As reported by CNET and on the Pandora blog they are having to reduce some services due to rising costs. I am seeing some outrage from people online, but these complainers have no basis since they are using Pandora's free service.

Pandora intros 40 hour mobile streaming limit, won't impact 96% of customers
Image: Pandora

In the past you had to often pay the $9.99 fee to even listen to music from various services on a mobile phone, then in the last couple of years companies started offering free streaming with some ads. Pandora's new policy is to simply limit the time streaming to mobile devices to 40 hours and this only applies to the freeloaders.

If you want more streaming on your devices, then pay for a subscription. As my experience shows, Pandora has data that shows less than 4 percent of their customers will even be affected. Most users stream less than 20 hours a month on their mobile devices.

If you are still bothered by their reduction in free services then you can always check out Slacker Radio or buy a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone and use the free or low cost Nokia Music service.

I personally don't use Pandora, but I do pay for Xbox Music and Nokia Music+ while also enjoying free content on Slacker Radio. There are options folks and there are also costs associated with providing valuable services so relax, sit back, and enjoy some jazz.

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  • So if I stream to my desktop or my Yamaha receiver...

    ...will I still get unlimited free? Why are they picking on mobile devices?
  • Freeloaders?

    '...while also enjoying free content on Slacker Radio.'
    Does that make you a 'freeloader'?
    If content is offered 'free', does that make you pejoratively a 'free loader' because you avail yourself of that product or service?
    You see, they're not 'free'. That's the commonly bandied about misconception or lie. Ad revenue is the business model. And still quite workable in even many major corporate cases.
    They're not offering content out of the goodness of their hearts.
    My two cents worth, Matthew. Ciao!
  • Being Screwed By The Record Companies Again

    I bet the labels are putting up their prices, which is why Pandora has to do this. They can't stand to see anybody being successful off the back of their "intellectual property" without getting greedy and demanding an even bigger cut of the pie.

    That's why all these streaming services can do no more than stutter along for a few years before dying.