Phishing email hijacks Windows 8 launch

Phishing email hijacks Windows 8 launch

Summary: A new round of emails tries to dupe unsuspecting users to "update" to Windows 8 for free.

TOPICS: Security

Cybercriminals don't waste much time these days.

Keep on top of trends and significant events, whether it is PayPal's changing terms and conditions, an overdue student loan or the launch of a new tech product -- any hook that cybercriminals can use will be exploited.

The recent launch of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is no exception.

Security experts at Sophos have reported a new trend in the phishing world, a shift from "Nigerian princes" or the down-and-out lawyer who needs your help transferring million of dollars from an account in Saudi Arabia. Instead, jumping on the Windows 8 bandwagon, a new email lure promises to let Internet users upgrade their Windows operating system for free.

It was only Friday that Windows 8 was officially launched, but even still, emails like the example below are now clogging up our spam-filled inboxes:

windows 8 phishing email scam free upgrade promise

Tempted to hand over the keys to your castle? If you click the link, you will be forwarded to a Slovakian web server that features a grinning lady sweetly asking you for your username, password, email address and server domain name.

windows 8 phishing email scam free upgrade promise

Luckily, this is not the most sophisticated phishing attempt on record, and the Slovakian page should ring enough alarm bells that few will fall for such a trick.

Image credit: Sophos

Topic: Security

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  • Ahhh phishing scams...

    Just imagine how successful they would be if the email was written by a native English speaker and the perpetrators spent more than 5 minutes knocking up the web page... makes me worry.
  • Wouldn't work with me

    I wouldn't upgrade my Windows systems to Windows 8 even if Microsoft paid me to.
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • And?

      If you want to express your dislike for Microsoft, Windows, or any other OS, there are far better places to do that than to troll an article about phishing attempts. If you'd like to be mature and stay on topic, this would be a great place for that.
      • My dislike for Microsoft and Windows?!

        Did you even notice that I was referring to upgrading "my Windows systems"? Currently XP and Vista. Plus, I have a couple of unused Vista licenses I'll start using when XP loses support in 2014.

        I *like* using Windows XP and Vista. I *like* the Aero interface. The new features in Windows 8 don't appeal to me at all.
        Rabid Howler Monkey
        • LOL

          Priceless. good answer.
        • Pass it on to me!

          If MS indeed offers to pay you to upgrade to Windows 8, pass it on to me! I'll take it anyday! LOL!
  • most importantly...

    Charlie Osborne is really hot
    • Funny

      The fact that your comment has the most votes is hilarious. Not that Ms. Osborne isn't attractive (she is), but I think it's funny how, despite being grown, educated men, we're still reduced to the level of twelve-year-olds in the presence of an attractive woman.
  • Windows *

    Having just purchased Windows 8 and on trying to obtain Proof of purchase from Microsoft in order to obtain a promised rebate because my new computer offered it, they Microsoft cant send me an email to confirm. Is this part of the scam that's causing the problem?