Photos: Apple's Antennagate, Farnborough air show and Windows Phone 7

Photos: Apple's Antennagate, Farnborough air show and Windows Phone 7

Summary: Photos of the month - July 2010

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  • The LHC wasn't the only great scientific institution opening its doors last month: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology also took for a look around its Media Lab to see some of the technologies that it is working on.

    This is SandScape, a system that allows people to reshape a computer-generated model of physical terrain using their hands, as seen here.

    See more of the technologies to come out of MIT's Media Labs here: The weird and wonderful inventions from MIT's Media Lab.

    Photo credit: Nick Heath/

  • Scientific experiments including research on genomics, epidemiology, cosmology and more have all been through the University of Cambridge's high-performance computing (HPC) centre.

    In a collaboration with Dell last month, the HPC centre has announced it will publish the results of its work in building and running HPC stacks in the form of whitepapers and technical bulletins to share with the HPC community.

    Two screens at the centre, above, show the time remaining for each job currently being processed by the HPC centre (left) and the temperature inside each compute node of the cluster (right).

    To take a tour of the machine room that powers the centre, see: Dell and Cambridge University's high performance computing centre.

    Photo credit: Jo Best/

  • In July computer-maker Dell also showed off some of its high-tech hardware destined for hospitals and schools.

    The systems were among the new tech on show at the Dell Technology Camp at The O2 arena in London, an event showcasing the company's latest line-up.

    Here is a demo of Dell's connected classroom set-up, where each pupil is given a ruggedised Dell Latitude 2110 touchscreen laptop to use during their lessons.

    The teacher's computer can display thumbnails showing live video feeds of all the screens of the children's laptops, allowing the teacher to monitor what the pupils are up to.

    Discover more new tech heading for schools and hospitals here: Dell shows off connected classrooms, high-tech hospitals and military laptops.

    Photo credit: Nick Heath/

Topic: Tech Industry

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