Photos: Chrome OS' new home, library's robot reboot and fresh Apple iMacs

Photos: Chrome OS' new home, library's robot reboot and fresh Apple iMacs

Summary: Photos of the month - May 2011

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Renewable Energy Systems RES

    Also in May, visited the head office of wind farm and renewable energy developer Renewable Energy Systems (RES), pictured above, in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, to get a closer look at a sustainable office set-up.

    The company uses an on-site wind turbine and burns biomass to generate energy. It also has a bank of solar thermal panels for heating water to keep the office warm.

    For more on the RES office set-up, see Renewable energy firm's sustainable office.

    Photo: Tim Ferguson/


    Another photo story hitting last month was the Cabinet Office's unveiling of an alpha prototype for a single web portal through which government online information and services can be delivered. The homepage of the domain, shown above, features a search bar at its centre in which users can type the subject they are seeking information on.

    The prototype version focuses on the top 100 most frequently asked questions to government, such as the dates of bank holidays, what the minimum wage is and how to register for VAT.

    For more on the single web portal, see Prototype portal lifts lid on future of public services.

    Photo: Cabinet Office

Topic: Hardware

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