Photos: Google's logo doodles through the ages

Photos: Google's logo doodles through the ages

Summary: What's in a name? Impressionism, DNA, fractals, Braille, barcodes and Pac-Man for starters...


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  • What's in a name? Impressionism, DNA, fractals, Braille, barcodes and Pac-Man for starters...

    In recent years, the Google brand has regularly been ranked more powerful than global megabrands such as Coca-Cola - making the now uber-familiar Google logo one very important piece of web real estate.

    Over the decade or so since it's been online, the company logo has shed a few pounds and ditched the youthful exuberance of its early days - as shown above, circa 1998 - becoming the svelte and streamlined six letters we know so well.

    But as the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt - perhaps one reason why Google has become increasingly creative with its corporate emblem. Officially sanctioned Google Doodles, as they're known, regularly transform the familiar lettering to commemorate national anniversaries, scientific discoveries, holidays, birthdays and more.

    "Having a little bit of fun with the corporate logo by redesigning it from time to time is unheard of at many companies but at Google, it is a part of the brand," says Google.

    Click through the following pages to see how Google Doodles have evolved over the years...

    Image credit: Google

  • 1999
    1999 was the year Google outgrew its garage home and migrated first to an office in Palo Alto, and later to its first Mountain View location. The number of employees at the time of its first relocation? A mere eight.

    Like the original Google logo, the first Google Doodle which appeared in 1999 was pretty rough round the edges - more stick-man than Dr Seuss.

    The Doodle was apparently designed to flag up company founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page's attendance at the alternative culture Burning Man festival in the US.

    Image credit: Google

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