Photos: HTC Gratia

Photos: HTC Gratia

Summary: HTC's mid-range Android-based Gratia has arrived, somewhat unheralded. It's no cutting-edge smartphone, but is it worth a look?

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  • HTC's recent announcement of a raft of new smartphones and a tablet device at Mobile World Congress has rather overshadowed the appearance in the UK of the HTC Gratia. The Gratia has been available in the US for some time as the HTC Aria.

    At £329.99 (inc. VAT; £274.99 ex. VAT) SIM-free, the mid-range HTC Gratia sits in a fairly crowded section of the smartphone market. As such, we wonder how much traction this late arrival can gain.

  • Some of the specifications of the HTC Gratia are wanting: the 600MHz processor, for example, is behind the 1GHz cutting edge. Perhaps that's to be expected in a mid-range smartphone, but we did find the Gratia a little reluctant to play smooth video, which could be an issue for some users.

    More importantly, with just 512MB of ROM and 384MB of RAM it's light on memory. Our review sample reported a mere 164MB of free storage out of the box. This means you'll almost certainly need a microSD card from day one.

    Cards live under the backplate, which is in this case a wraparound affair not unlike that of HTC's HD mini. It is a little tricky to prize off with a fingernail, and we resorted to using a penknife. That makes hot-swapping microSD cards a little more tricky than it ought to be.

Topics: Smartphones, Reviews

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