Photos: IBM's flat-pack data centre

Photos: IBM's flat-pack data centre

Summary: Bringing in blades and tidying cables

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Bringing in blades and tidying cables

    IBM has unveiled a data centre which it claims uses up to 15 per cent less power than a traditional data centre.

    The modular data centre can be designed in eight to 12 weeks with 210 blade servers sitting in each rack.

    John Moseley, IBM's UK site and facilities business manager, said the steel infrastructure of the data centre comes in "flat pack boxes" and can be put up anywhere.

    Pictured is IBM's demo data centre, housed in its Southbank offices in London. The glass panelling allows potential buyers to get a full view of the set-up.

    Photo credit: Gemma Simpson

  • Along each aisle of the data centre, two rows of racks face one another. The main corridor between them is enclosed and cooled with an air conditioning unit.

    Chris Scott, IBM's site and facilities service product line leader, said the air flow in the 'cool aisle' moves the colder air where it is needed most - at the front of the servers.

    Around 2,100 blade servers can fit into the data centre.

    Scott said a traditional data centre would struggle to house this number of blade servers and keep them cool.

    Photo credit: Gemma Simpson

Topic: Hardware

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