Photos: Inside Moscow's Kaspersky Labs

Photos: Inside Moscow's Kaspersky Labs

Summary: Antivirus firm at the heart of Russia...

TOPICS: Security

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  • The company's Russian roots are never far from display. This picture on the wall of CEO Natalya Kaspersky, shows her meeting Vladimir Putin.

    Photo: Will Sturgeon

  • The view from the top of the Kaspersky offices.

    Kaspersky is certainly on the up. Last year revenues rose 75 per cent and the company signed up 30 new OEM partners to take the total to 84. The outlook is good. Though in this picture the same cannot be said. The city is gripped by a cold spell, the likes of which had not been experienced in 50 years.

    And it's not just the weather which changes dramatically. Eugene Kaspersky, who co-founded the company in 1997, says Russia is changing fast, in line with other major world cities.

    "Sadly Moscow is becoming a very expensive city but we're not going to move," he said.

    Photo: Will Sturgeon

  • The man himself. Company co-founder Eugene Kaspersky has become a respected antivirus expert. Here he talks about the changing face of the virus writing community, with spotty teenagers, keen to prove themselves through some manner of mischief, making way for serious cyber criminals.

    Kaspersky is the technical heartbeat of the company and runs the teams of antivirus analysts in the Moscow office.

    Photo: Will Sturgeon

Topic: Security

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