Photos: Inside the RSA cybercrime war room

Photos: Inside the RSA cybercrime war room

Summary: Behind the doors at RSA's anti-fraud centre

TOPICS: Security

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  • Behind the doors at RSA's anti-fraud centre

    At RSA's Anti-Fraud Command Centre (AFCC) in Herzelia, Israel, more than 100 staff work to detect, dissect and block phishing sites and Trojan attacks 24 hours per day.

    From the AFCC, the security firm sifts through more than 10 million emails every day, as well as domain names and fraudster chat rooms, searching for threats to its customers, which include a selection of Britain's high street banks.

    The centre also gathers information on threats from Trojans using honeypots: unprotected machines that automatically trawl the web gathering malware infections for study.

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  • To date the AFCC has shut down more than 180,000 phishing attacks in more than 140 countries.

    It does this with the help of ISPs, email providers and internet gateway providers, who forward emails to RSA's AFCC if they contain keywords associated with phishing emails.

    Suspect links will be automatically tested by software to check if they lead to phishing sites. If the software finds they do, the links will then be double-checked by a person.

    Once a phishing site is detected, RSA will immediately notify the customer whose site is being spoofed and pass details of the fraudulent site onto ISPs and browser developers, such as Microsoft and Mozilla, so they can block public access to it.

    The next stop for the AFCC team, shown here, will be to speak to contacts in its network of 8,000 internet service providers, domain registrars and web hosting providers to get them to shut down and remove the phishing site.

    The AFCC is able to shut down the majority of sites within five hours, according to RSA.

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Topic: Security


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