Photos: iPad accessories, Android apps for business and Sony's S1 and S2 tablets

Photos: iPad accessories, Android apps for business and Sony's S1 and S2 tablets

Summary: Photos of the month - July 2011


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  • Datacentre roof air conditioning found more technology cropping up in interesting places in July. Interxion's City of London datacentre, nestled alongside curry houses and fabric merchants in the capital's famous Brick Lane, was recently extended. got some behind-the-scenes pics showing how the facility fits in with its urban surroundings.

    Shown above is the datacentre's heat exchange units which help cool the facility. They're located on the roof of the datacentre and are protected from lightning strikes by the metal rods above.

    To take a tour of Interxion's City of London facility, check out The mantrapped datacentre in the heart of Brick Lane.

    Photo: Interxion

  • Autonomy augmented reality app on newspaper ad

    Mashing up enterprise and consumer tech was also something of a theme in July. Autonomy's Aurasma augmented reality smartphone app is now being used as a marketing tool by a number of companies including media agency Mediacom and luxury yacht maker Wally.

    Shown above is the app being used on a newspaper advert for Wally in which it overlays the ad with a video trailer related to the company's nautical products.

    To find out how else Aurasma is being used, check out From yachts to shoes and movies - how marketers are using augmented reality.

    Photo: Autonomy

  • Google Map displayed within SAP BusinessObjects as it appears on an iPad

    Tech giants Google and SAP teamed up to make business intelligence a little more visual in July. Google Maps and Google Earth are being incorporated into SAP's BI software so users can make quicker decisions based on the data presented in geographical terms.

    Shown above is a Google Earth image within a SAP application related to freight operations at Frankfurt airport. The application shows aircraft hangars and warehouses and the number of parcels that have arrived or are waiting to be despatched.

    To see how else the Google software is being used in SAP's products, take a look at Google Maps gives SAP's business intelligence a new direction.

    Image: SAP

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