Photos: Mobile tech at CeBIT

Photos: Mobile tech at CeBIT

Summary: New hardware on show at CeBIT in Germany this year includes a Windows version of a low-power laptop and a notebook designed for air travel.


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  • MyStor's solid state hard drives have a 32GB capacity and are available in IDE or SCSI format.

  • Axxen's Skype USB pen has a standard USB connector at one end and a mini jack at the other for plugging in a headset. When plugged into a PC, the pre-installed Skype client fires up.

  • The WowPen Memo from Wow Technology is a device for recording notes you make on pads of paper. It clips to the top of a pad and records movements from the special pen that is included in the package. A mini USB port means you can then plug it into your PC where the software will download your scribblings either to be stored in a graphical format, or run through the OCR software so it can be turned into text.

    Wow Technology founder Anders Bergstrom said he expects it to be available for about £130. A wired version, the WowPad Digi, will cost a little less.

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  • Text is switched on Photos 1 and 2

    No. 1 is the Flybook VM (designed for airplane use) and No. 2 is the Flybook V5.