Photos: Nokia targets iPhone with Windows Phone 8 devices

Photos: Nokia targets iPhone with Windows Phone 8 devices

Summary: Nokia and Microsoft took the wraps off Nokia's newest feature packed smartphones. The company hopes to beat iPhone 5 to the punch.


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  • The Nokia 820 comes with SmartShoot will take a whole series of photos and merge them into one happy picture. It sports an 8-megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss Tessar lens. Its display size is 4.4 inches and promises 8 hours of 3G talk time.

  • Nokia's Live Tiles changes the tiles on your home screen.

  • The City Lens also available on the Nokia 820 brings up features and places to go.

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  • Failed Out Of The Starting Gate

    Nokia’s shares lost 13% in one day, starting from midway through the launch event.

    I think you won’t find a more resounding demonstration of investor (lack of) confidence than that...
    • Awesome

      Just means I can buy now while its low and sell when it gets higher after these phones launch. Easy money, thanks for the tip.
      Loverock Davidson-
    • Meh.

      Daily fluctuations of stock prices are pointless.

      The 920 is absolutely gorgeous. It takes the 900--which is a great phone in and of itself--and makes it even better.

      Hands-on reviews should come soon, and then we'll see for sure whether the phone is as good as it appears at first glance. If it is, then next it's a matter of making the public aware of it and not botching the rollout (like, say, having the phone go on sale on a holiday when most stores are closed).
    • Facebook?

      I'm guessing you probably bought a ton of Facebook stock on the first day, right? We all know how well that worked out.

    • Buy on the Rumor -- Sell on the News

      All this is is the classic "Buy on the Rumor -- Sell on the News" investing strategy.
  • Failed Out Of The Starting Gate

    Nokia’s shares lost 13% in one day, starting from midway through the launch event.

    I think you won’t find a more resounding demonstration of investor (lack of) confidence than that...
  • Carl Zeuss?

    I'm sure that that would give the camera god-like capabilities.

    I wonder how it would compare to a Carl Zeiss lens? =^)
    • Considering Carl Zeiss lenses are just a fad

      That passed along time go. these Nokia cheapo phones use plastic lenses, instead of high end optics. I've learned the phones were designed by Foxconn in China, and are being built in India, because there is a lower wage, and standard of living. Why hasn't anyone investigated the slave labor camps in India that makes these cheapo phones?
      Troll Hunter J
  • Nokia-Microsoft

    I wouldn't put a lot of faith in what the investors said the first day. They have been so wrong on so many things or manipulate things the way they want to for their own benefit. Look at the product and make your own judgement. It looks great, it is great, it works great, if you need one go buy it. Pretty simple. Great features and good companies.
    • Except that it's completely lacking in 'cool'

      Which seems to be what's driving a lot of tech-gadget sales these days...
      • Maybe not cool to you...

        Two of my sons bought the 900, and have hundreds of college friends drooling while looking at their own iPhones and pronouncing the latter "tired"...
        The biggest struggle Nokia faces is such exposure, enough eyeballs on the product.
        I've played with the 900 now and am hooked and want the 920.
        Anecdotal evidence such as this doesn't amount to much but I guess it's a typical experience: high level of interest and enthusiasm but with a restricted audience.
        No meme generator yet - the wireless charging could change that
        • What MS Missed

          If MS really wants to sell phones and tablets they will do a better job of leveraging their strengths. They are attempting to do this by including MS Office with the Windows 8RT OS and WP8 OS but they missed the boat on leveraging the hottest demographic sector of their portfolio - XBOX 360.

          If they are able to provide a compelling (and exclusive) XBOX 360 app for the WP8 OS they would have an immediate buy in from a powerful and young demographic. Once they get any sort of traction in the mobile market the App Market will explode as developers everywhere see $$ in their eyes while porting over their programs to the WP8/W8 marketplace.
          Burger Meister
          • That's where

            smartglass comes into play.
  • nice!

    My sister and nephew have the 900. I'm an Android guy but I must say that after some hands-on time, I was VERY impressed. The thing runs so smooth that it put me in the mindset of silk blowing in a breeze...I'm still not willing to give up my rezound for it though!
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