Photos: Playing full scale London Monopoly

Photos: Playing full scale London Monopoly

Summary: Ride in cabs, earn 'millions' online...

TOPICS: Networking

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  • Ride in cabs, earn 'millions' online...

    London has been transformed into a giant Monopoly board for an online version of the game using real taxis as playing pieces. Instead of the top hat or boot to move around the board, players use a London taxi driving around the streets of the capital.

    And instead of rolling dice to decide where they land on the board, their movements will be decided by the whims of London traffic.

    The London Eye: Will cost you £2.2m to buy in the game – with rent of up to £10.5m when you build a hotel on it.

    All photos, Steve Ranger

  • The Apple Store, Regents Street: The first Apple store in the UK is on Regent Street, one of the few survivors from the original board game to make it onto the new edition.

  • Tate Modern: Home of Britain's modern art collection will set you back £2m to buy in the game.

Topic: Networking

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