Photos: Rocket-propelled 'F1' racing jets

Photos: Rocket-propelled 'F1' racing jets

Summary: Grand Prix-style racing 1,500m in the sky

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • Grand Prix-style racing 1,500m in the sky

    Plans for rocket-propelled aircraft to race each other round a 3D racecourse in the sky have been launched by Peter Diamandis, the man behind the $10m X-Prize for suborbital space travel.

    This artist's impression shows how the races will look.

    All images/photos courtesy of Rocket Racing League

  • The Rocket Racing League plans to have a debut exhibition race at the X-Prize Cup event in September 2006, in New Mexico. In the following six months, races at an additional two air shows and two auto race events are planned followed by a championship event in New Mexico at the X-Prize Cup 2007.

Topic: Mobility

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