Photos: Rocket-propelled 'F1' racing jets

Photos: Rocket-propelled 'F1' racing jets

Summary: Grand Prix-style racing 1,500m in the sky

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • The Rocket Racing League plans to have a debut exhibition race at the X-Prize Cup event in September 2006, in New Mexico. In the following six months, races at an additional two air shows and two auto race events are planned followed by a championship event in New Mexico at the X-Prize Cup 2007.

  • Spectators on the ground will be able to follow the race from the planes' 20-foot rocket plumes. They will also be able to watch their favourite pilot using Wi-Fi-enabled, handheld GPS tracking devices, which will receive streamed video of the cockpit and live racing action.

    Fans at home will also be able to see the pilot's course on their TV or computer.

  • Former Columbia space shuttle commander colonel Rick Searfoss (pictured) has been appointed chief pilot by the Rocket Racing League and will fly the EZ-Rocket X-Racer prototype at its inaugural launch on 9 October in New Mexico.

Topic: Mobility

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