Photos: Roll up for Adobe Acrobat's inflatable circus

Photos: Roll up for Adobe Acrobat's inflatable circus

Summary: Adobe is using inflatable tents to train some 5,000 people in its Acrobat 8 software over the next three months


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  • Adobe's mobile Acrobat 8 training touched down in Regent's Park today, and a group of journalists had the first chance to get their hands on the new software. By December, 5,000 people will get a chance to try the application, in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh, Bristol and Manchester (full details on Adobe's site). If the tour is a success, the inflatable domes may appear in other countries next year.

  • Adobe chose to go nomadic and present the new software in purpose-built tents because it couldn't rely on the facilities in hotels, explained senior evangelist Alan Rosenfield (on the right in this picture).

    The tent includes 30 dual-core laptops, each with a scanner and video camera to demonstrate the software's collaboration and content-creation abilities.

    The system is managed by a Stratus fault-tolerant server. "We couldn't afford downtime, as we have five demonstration sessions a day, and support might be an issue when we have no fixed address," said Rosenfield, who described the server as "Stock Exchange material". Stratus executives are eyeing the server towards the back of the picture.

    The laptops are connected by Gigabit Ethernet. After each presentation, Adobe is wiping and re-imaging every laptop, which would require more speed (and reliability) than the Wi-Fi available in typical hotel suites, explained Rosenfield. 

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  • who made the inflatable domes?