Photos: Telstra launches T.Life concept store

Photos: Telstra launches T.Life concept store

Summary: The new interactive Telstra "flagship" store will be open from 2 November. Dubbed T.Life, the store is located at 400 George Street, on the corner of George and King on the group floor of the Telstra building.


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  • One of the phones on display, the Samsung SGH-A811; you can see in this image the phone is live.

    Credit: Luke Anderson/ZDNet Australia

  • Telstra's latest handset, the Hiptop. Pitched specifically at the teen and early 20s market, the Hiptop is the baby brother of the BlackBerry. As such, it is designed around SMS and multimedia messaging.

    Originally designed by manufacturer Danger, the Hiptop has been available for some time in the US, sold as the T-Mobile sidekick.

    Credit: Luke Anderson/ZDNet Australia

  • A series of large LCD screens on the ground floor are used to promote Foxtel, seen here featuring John Howard, in case you haven't seen enough of him in recent weeks.

    Credit: Luke Anderson/ZDNet Australia

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  • great looking Apple... i mean Telstra store

    is it just me or does this look just like the Apple stores?
  • But there's no such thing as a Telstra Genius, is there?

    You'd think they'd copy us better than that!
  • Genius

    and they're just across the road from each other, though separated by more than just George St.
  • Truth

    if u did ur research properly before making faulty accusations u would realise that the store os designed by he same architect that designed the apple store in New york..
    This is a whole new concept for telstra and they are not trying to copy apple.
  • So...

    They wern't trying to copy Apple and your defence is they hired the same architect as Apple for their flagship store?

    You showed them.....
  • Wrong colors

    While the floor is wooden, I still think it needs more brown, like the Zune. It really is a lovely color scheme.
  • Spot on

    I couldn't agree more with you, Bill!
  • You guys can keep arguing on your own time!

    I'm more responsible for Apple's retail success than any of you lot. I'm heading to the Caribbean ... bye!
  • Consumer focus

    As a consumer I am happy to have a store where I can walk into and see the real products working instead of those hollow demonstration units. I have recently bought a device from a 3 store and they assured me that the phone I was buying was not only good looking but did 1001 other things, when I unpacked and tested some of the features I took it back and bluntly told the salesperson he was a liar. I work in the city and will be there asap to see the phones in person and decide after testing the real models. As much as I dislike the company they will probably win my business because I will be able to see a real phone working and play with it before I decide. Look beyond the hype you all talk about and see the real purpose of a store like this ... the consumer!
  • ill attempt

    look at the first photo and what do you see? an insurance sales man with a dull tie. all the interior spell a half-a***d attempt at what Apple has perfected: turning a store into a haven where (the right audience) feels compelled to spend time (and money).
  • Telstra Complaint Department

    Check out photo number 10 its Telstra answer to loud complaining customers. Hide the issue and the customer away from the other customers in a hidden capsule. Hehe its consistent with my impressions and experience of Telstra.
  • not for country customers

    You'll never see one of these in (for example) Kingaroy. No money in servicing country customers.
  • goody for you

    drive 2 hours out of Sydney and you'll see nothing like this. I live 2 hours out of Brisbane and can't even get a signal half the time.
  • couldn't be further from the truth

    hey you prejudiced judgemental, most likely unsuccessful freaks, I have heard that in Geelong we are getting one of these, go Telstra for actually giving a crap about country customers
  • Compare the pair

    I can't imagine many people will go into this iLife (woops - I mean T-Life), store without also going into the Apple Store across the road.

    The contrast between the two can only spell one outcome. iPhones flying out the door on Optus and Vodafone accounts.

    It's a good thing Telstra has deep pockets. It would be embarrassing to have to close a 'flagship' store of such Titanic proportions.
  • T Life are NOT friendly

    T Life are sooo not friendly. So they claim to know our phone, in their defence, the first guy we asked did know the phone model of my friends phone before he told them... A guess I suppose. But then, as we were standing in the entrance I realised I no longer needed the 2 store guides I had been given so doing the right thing, I could recycle, so I did just as the door people were, someone walks in "Welcome to T Life would you like a store guide?" The man smiled and took one and thanked me... I was doing their job and not getting paid... however shortly after this some guy from upstairs asked us to leave the store...
    Clearly this is a prime example that Telstra are very wasteful, have NO sense of humour, do not care for our environment, and worst yet, do not treat me the way I expect.
    Now you might think, okay so some kid expects royalty that is a bit much, no I just expect to be allowed to recycle. I did not swear at the customer, if anything I smiled and was the most polite I could possibly be. In conclusion, I do not like T Life anymore, and they should not have kicked out someone who both posts comments complaining alot on the internet, and has a voice on radio throughout... Well Australia these days. However just for T Life, I have set up an email address which they may apologize to me on, if anyone from T Life should read this, should you want to apologize for your appauling behaviour in store, and the fact that you discourage recycling. Otherwise, I continue to whinge and discourage people from your store. On the other hand, you can now get the Nokia 6288 free on a cap for just $19 a month with 3 mobile! Yes that's right, boycott Telstra =D